The World of Fencing on display at NZ’ National Fieldays 2017

 The World of Fencing on display at NZ’ National Fieldays 2017

An International Fencing Challenge was showcased at the recent 2017 NZ National Fieldays Event, at Mystery Creek Events Centre in Hamilton. 2017 was the 49th year of Fieldays, it is the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere attracting over 130,000 visitors over the three days.

Taragate’s Inaugural World Fencing Challenge, aimed at bringing together a selection of world class fencers to enable them to showcase their talents, share good practice and facilitate linkages between producers/suppliers and consumers, which ultimately will work towards speeding up innovation and enhance opportunities driven by new ideas in the marketplace.

Overview of Taragate NZ’s International Fencing Challenge project:

John Watson representing the UK, Darren Marr from Australian, Moses Woodson from USA and John Steedman was the NZ fencing professional, all four competed ‘head-to-head’ over two days in an exciting and exhilarating fence building challenge.

The competition was run as a short course event where competitors displayed a range of skills in an exciting, fun sporting format. The spectators were entertaining by fellow NZ fencing expert Alister Houkamau’s live and interesting commentary whilst watching a full electric fence and gate system being built in less than 20 minutes, which proved to be easily understood and digested by everyone.

Kerry Powell from Taragate NZ says “it was important for the International Challenge that all parties were able to compete on an equal footing so the materials used had to be familiar to all competitors and the fence construction had to fit international practices not just the NZ practices used in NZ competitions.”

The first day’s event was a speed fencing challenge where contestants showed just how quickly a good electric fence can be built

Fencing Demonstrations:

The Fencing Demonstration site was also coordinated by Taragate for the fourth year, however this year we also had an International element to entice and add value to what we were delivering. Each and every day of the Fieldays event suppliers/contractors/members of the public came along to watch, learn and chat to our demonstrators. A variety of fences common built in NZ were erected alongside a typical USA, Australian and UK type fence, this was aimed at showcasing and opening up discussions about what we do in NZ and what other countries create as fencing solutions. These demonstrations proved to be a major success with lots of interested visitors spending quality time with our experts, the feedback was immense and proved it was highly valued by all.

The Demonstration site featured many products and systems never seen before in NZ, below is a sampling of some of the fences and products on display.


The Inaugural International Fencing Challenge was a major success and has built a positive platform for International trade to take place, this momentum must be continued to further enhance the offer for our export and import opportunities on a global stage.