Travis Perkins plc, the supplier of building materials and equipment and a partner to the construction industry, has launched two new data apprenticeships, including a data fellowship and an advanced data fellowship.

These apprenticeships have been launched to improve colleagues’ data and analytical skills and understanding and will cover areas such as using data for effective decision making, best practice learning and support collaboration and the development of valueadded services and activities.

In addition to providing technical training for Python and SQL programming, the schemes will provide insight into how to understand data quality and manageprojects, as well as data ethics, visual analytics, predictive modelling and data security.

The first cohort of 40colleagues from across the group, ranging from commercial and finance to marketing and supply chain, has already enrolled on the programme, and there are plans to launch two further courses in the new year to focus on data literacy for leaders and ensure data skills are accessible to all.

Phil Tenney of Travis Perkins commented: “Data is already a key enabler for the modern construction industry and it is only going to become even more essential as we face the opportunities around things like product provenance and sustainability alongside the ongoing need to better understand our customers.

“By upskilling colleagues, we aim to improve data literacy and analytical skills enabling our colleagues to unlock insight from our data so that they can make better-informed decisions.”