Over the past 10 years our product line-up has increased to include a wider range of quality timber products.

As well as additional sizes and variations of our core products, such as our natural peeled stakes, machine round’s and sawn fencing components, we have introduced completely new products including our living wall and our premium painted range. Our customers now have a wider choice of quality products than ever before and it’s
all available on a single delivery. It is equally important, that if we offer this incredible line up of products, that we ensure we hold plentiful stock. The volume of stock we have available at our terminal in Wisbech has never been greater. Within the next few weeks, construction begins on increased warehousing for our expanding range and increased stock quantities of garden products. Making certain they are delivered to our customers in tip-top condition.

Richard Abbott, Head of Marketing explains, that “We are fully aware there is uncertainty and potentially storm clouds are brewing, but as we stated back in the February edition of Fencing & Landscaping News, we will be pushing on with our plans to consolidate our position as premier fencing importer and distributor.

It’s certainly proved to be the case since then, that waiting to see what happens with Brexit is not an option. The feedback we receive from our customers is that they are determined to just get on with running their businesses. They
are telling us to push forward and stock more, so we are getting on with the business of supplying our customers with the stock they need, that means committing to next year’s volumes now.”

Kyle Proctor in sales agrees. “We treat feedback from our customers as incredibly important, whether it’s suggestions as to how we improve a particular product or how we could adjust our workflow methods to make life easier for everyone. By treating our customers as partners, we have built up relationships which have grown stronger year after year and by listening to them, we are sure those relationships will continue to grow in the years to come. It’s always encouraging for us when customers approach us with their ideas for new products. Their enthusiasm for new sales opportunities and their  commitment to quality is contagious and we welcome the chance to put our expertise and can-do approach into action to provide our customers with what they want.

This flexible approach has always been important to Ellpro Timber, it allows us to react to customer’s needs, bringing supply solutions and offering the quality of service they have come to expect from us”.

Very soon we will begin work on a complete overhaul of our website and we will include a downloadable version of our brochure. This is particularly important to showcase the contemporary designs of fencing panels and wooden planters we now offer in painted finishes. These beautiful products enhance any garden space in need of an upgrade. They are especially effective for clients looking to achieve that outdoor room styling. This is becoming ever more popular with the emergence of more and more garden themed tv programmes and online features.

As well as looking great, the Ellpro painted range has been built to be extremely durable. The colour coating has been tested in the harshest conditions to provide a product which will look great for years to come. The fact that they are already painted before installation makes them practical too. Just think how many hours are required to paint a series of fence panels, constructed using a multitude of components, not just once, but multiple coats and on both sides! How much paint is required to complete the task? How practical is it to even do the job if there is limited space and access? Now consider the mess that’s made. A ready to fit, pre-painted panel, certainly appears to be a desirable alternative.

We are able to deliver these exciting new products alongside any of the other products in our range. By offering mixed loads, available from stock with our just in time service, Ellpro Timber enable merchants to adapt their deliveries to precise requirements all year round.