Always on the lookout for new innovations, he and partner Tracy frequently attend exhibitions to stay abreast of the latest developments. Their visit to the popular Midlands Machinery Show in 2016 proved to be fortuitous when they found the Easy Petrol Post Driver – a game-changing piece of equipment that would improve their fencing business.

From Farm to Fencing

Before venturing into the world of fencing, David had spent 40 years working on a farm as a tractor driver and mechanic, a profession he deeply cherished. However, when the person he worked for left the industry, it presented David and Tracy with a golden opportunity to pursue their dream of establishing their own fencing business. They seized the chance, and 14 years ago, armed with just a couple of tractors and two trusty post knockers, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey.

Growing the Business with Personal Touch

As the demand for their services grew, they expanded their offering to include hedge cutting, digger work, and drain clearance.

However, unlike many others, they consciously decided to stay rooted in the agricultural industry that had nurtured them for so many years, choosing not to venture into more domestic or inner-city commercial jobs. This decision has proven to be a wise one, as it has allowed them to leverage their intimate knowledge of the sector and maintain a personal touch with their clientele – a rarity in today’s digital world.

At the heart of their successful business lies a profound understanding of their customers’ needs. Tracy emphasises the importance of building genuine connections with clients to ascertain their exact requirements, sometimes coaxing out crucial details that might have gone unnoticed. This approach ensures that they deliver precisely what their customers imagine, exceeding expectations with every project they undertake.

Embracing Efficiency with the Easy Petrol Post Driver

Before discovering the Easy Petrol Post Driver, David and Tracy were no strangers to the backbreaking task of manually installing fence posts when their trusty tractors could not gain access. The introduction of the handheld machine improved their efficiencies, and its versatility now allowed them to reach areas inaccessible by larger equipment, such as spots around trees or corners. Additionally, it preserves the integrity of the land, making it ideal for projects where ground conditions are less than favourable.

The Joy of Their Work

For Tracy, the most rewarding aspect of their business is the opportunity to meet new people and work in different locations each day. David on the other hand, takes pride in witnessing the completion of a job with a beautifully straight fence, showcasing his dedication to quality craftsmanship.

With their outstanding teamwork and complementary skills, David and Tracy have become a dynamic duo that delivers exceptional results every time.

Their journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and a customer-centric approach in building a thriving business within the agricultural community. Their story reminds us that success lies not only in embracing innovation but also in staying true to one’s roots and connecting with customers on a personal level.

David and Tracy are based in Cheshire and work the surrounding area. You can contact them on Mob: 07836 223551 Tel: 01829 770905 Email

For Easy Petrol Post Drivers get in touch at Tel: 01142 699119

Ben Walton