APF 2024 – Can You Help

 APF 2024 – Can You Help

Planning is well under way for next years APF 2024 , taking place at Ragley Hall on the 19/20/21st September.    We are always looking to host new, exciting competitions and for APF 2024 we have teamed up with the UK Loggers and we hope to stage the UK Loggers Championships at the show.  We staged the World Championships at APF 2002 at Lockerbie

If you have not see it before this is an exciting five discipline event for chainsaw operators involving precision felling, crosscutting , bar and chain change and snedding.

To put on a world class event means we have to abide by the World Logger Championship rules, and this is where we need your help.

To ensure fairness between competitors most of the timber used has to be machine rounded to precise WLC dimensions.   We need some 6m long  x 140mm diameter poles and some 500mm x 30mm poles for the snedding element and some 350mm diameter x 2m long lengths for the crosscutting elements.  It can be any species of softwood and untreated.  We are having a real problem finding anyone who can produce machine rounded timber to those specifications.   The nearest we can find at the moment is Germany!   That, needless to say, makes them prohibitively expensive.  

Do you know of any sawmill, fencing or joinery manufacturer that could produce these dimensions for us?   If so we would be delighted to hear from you.    Please contact Exhibition Secretary Ian Millward on info@apfexhibition.co.uk or Tel: 07831 644838

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