You will never find Wiltshire-based Autoguide on a sticky wicket!

Founded in 1977 by Richard and Peggy Robinson, the business has gradually grown to encompass a wide range of British manufactured, innovative and specialist machinery including the Autoroller that can be found working flat out at many international cricket venues.

There’s a lot more to Autoguide than just cricket as fencers and landscapers across the globe will attest to.

Autoguide’s Michelle Clark took up the story: “We have around 30 staff at our Calne HQ involved in building Postmaster post driver machines, Auger drivers and powerheads and pole handling equipment used by utility companies as well as many other products

“We are considered industry leaders when it comes to our pole handling machinery.

“This year may mark the centenary of the Autoroller but we are continually creating landmarks

by refining and improving our portfolio of machinery and improving performance for our end users worldwide. The US and Australia represent our main overseas markets but we are active in many more foreign markets.

“Autoguide is a second generation family business with Rob Robinson now overseeing the operations. It’s a real family concern with strong values and a very clear working ethos,” added Michelle.

The Postmaster post driver is currently available in three sizes: Mini, Midi and Maxi

Michelle continued: “Our Postmaster range allows two man teams to install posts faster, quieter and safer than conventional machines. The unique clamp holds the post securely with minimal damage to the tops and also allows for post extraction repositioning.

“It features a simple connection that attaches to all makes and model of excavator and gives the user a versatile machine. It’s an ideal solution for everyone from full-time fencing contractors to the domestic handyman.

“The Mini, Midi and Maxi models are able to install and remove posts of up to 250mm in diameter and of any shape, using custom jaws if necessary,” she added.

The Maxi comes into its own on the back of 5 to 8 ton excavators and can handle posts of up to 10” whilst the Midi is geared for 2.5 to 5 ton machines with a typical post size of 8”.

The smallest model, the Mini, is a perfect fit for 1.5 to 2.5 ton excavators and handles posts up to 6”.

“We have a healthy order book with annual growth of around 10 to 15% per annum,” added Michelle. “We haven’t been overly affected by the Covid pandemic despite closing down for a couple of weeks at the start of the outbreak.

“Autoguide prides itself on keeping up with current customer requirements and continuing to push research and development. With customer feedback and new manufacturing methods, we review and develop our product range every 12 months to ensure we are offering the very best to our customers.

Watch this space for the next, new Postmaster development!

“Like many manufacturing firms, we are not immune to the crosswinds associated with rising costs and supply issues but we are taking a pragmatic and flexible approach by continually reviewing our supply chains and operations.

“Overall Autoguide is in good health and represents the best that UK manufacturing and innovation has to offer!” concluded Michelle.

With Autoguide it’s clear you can do far more than just bowl a maiden over! Tel: 01380 850885

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