Over recent years at Suffolk Timber Products we have recognised that the UK market for manufacturing and supplying standard size pedestrian and hand gates has grown more increasingly competitive along with the generally quality of products falling.

Having manufactured these gates ourselves for several years, the demand for quantity, quality and a competitive market price has become ever more difficult to sustain. Because of this we have had to look at alternative avenues of production and supply to try and satisfy these demands.

In early 2017 we worked in partnership with companies located in Eastern Europe as to manufacture these goods on our behalf, allowing us to achieve a more competitive market price and the volumes needed. However, quality albeit better than many other gates within the UK marketplace was not quite to the result we were striving for.

During 2018 we took the plunge and set up our own workshop closer to home outside Utrecht in the Netherlands in conjunction with a Dutch company predominately supplying Oak and Chestnut goods. We now continue to source an exceptional high-quality Scots Pine material from our original suppliers in Eastern Europe and assemble all the components in the Netherlands workshop.

By making this change we have managed to now produce goods to the quality we initially set out to achieve and are able to keep our products competitively priced.

Today we now bring a full load of gates over from the Dutch workshop every 6 weeks to our yard at Alpheton, Suffolk where we organised the treatment of the goods if required and distribute out. It is still early days and a modest start but moving forward we now have the ability to gradually increase our capacity as demand arises, and we now feel we have an excellent and competitively priced product we can offer going forward.


All our gates are constructed using kiln dried Scots pine timbers and are all fully constructed using mortise and tenoned components.

The joints are fixed by using aluminium star dowels that make for a much more stable frame when constructed.

All claddings of Tongue & Groove and Closeboard gates are fixed with stainless steel nails to avoid rusting after goods are pressure treated.

We can supply all our products untreated or fully pressure treated in either green or brown ACQ treatment. As the products are constructed using all pine timbers this achieves an exceptional colour finish in both treatment colours, with all items generally packed in packs sizes of twenty gates for ease of handling through the treatment and delivery process.

Our gates are constructed using fully planed timbers throughout except for the feather edge cladding within our closeboard gates, which are a very smooth cut sawn timber and our gates are manufactured using higher timber dimension sizes than most other gates within the current marketplace.

Finally, all our gates are manufactured as a multi-handed product so that they can be hung both left and right-handed. We must also point out that all braces within our gates are properly cut into the corners of the framework along both rail and stile edges to correctly support the structure of the gates.

Telephone : 01284 388388 Email : team@suffolktimber.co.uk

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