For years we have lived with seeing the garden fence and shed in shades of brown or green, generally because no other colours were available, or it was just the colour of the chemical preservative used to treat the timber. As the market has changed and evolved, this no longer needs to be the case.

Protek have successfully expanded into the retail sector, making them very end-user focused, so know that “grey is the new brown”. To keep up with the new demand they have introduced more greys, not just to their retail range, but to their industrial decorative coatings too. Grey wood stain and paint can now be delivered in bulk for dip or spray applications to treat fencing and garden buildings.

The garden is increasingly seen as an extension to the home and the colours used are reflecting that. When the walls and windows in the house go grey, so does the fence in the garden; from darkest Anthracite to the lightest Silver Grey and all the greys in between. When front doors and kitchen cupboards go black, so does the garden shed or summerhouse. Whilst these colours create an instant modern look and feel to a garden space, they also form a fabulous backdrop to plants, as greens and whites literally pop out.

According to the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association), almost three million new gardeners have sprung up because of lockdown. Nearly half of these gardeners are under 45 years old, and with this age shift comes a desire to try something different. Protek saw these changes first-hand, continuously fulfilling the demand for garden paint throughout the pandemic. The colour choices of these younger buyers reflected in orders received, from rainbows of sample pots, through all the shades of grey.

Darren Stanley, Protek’s National Sales Manager, has relished getting out of the office visiting old and new customers, and he has noticed the demand for a change in colour. “Since being back out on the road in the second half of last year, I have seen more businesses not only bringing their unused dips back online, but also trying new non-traditional colours like greys and light greens. I have also seen more garden centres and DIY stores approaching Protek because they have been struggling to fulfil orders from the larger paint manufacturers. We have a wonderful choice of retail products which will really stand out and increase your treatment sales. We also have a complete range of point of sale and modern looking stands that will catch the eye in any sales area.”

The Protek Woodcare range is an attractive and effective solution to looking after all types of outdoor timber. Each product is expertly made to minimise any risk to human safety and its effect on the environment, so all the wood stains are child, animal, and plant-friendly.

The packaging for each range has been redesigned and reflects the importance of wood to Protek. Using wood images to distinguish between the designs, the individual products now have a fresh new identity that is clean and clear. All packaging used is 100% recyclable and the water-based paints are minimal in VOCs.

Protek offers stockists a full support pack, attractive POS, brochures, digital lifestyle imagery and full technical back up. Something that is proving hugely popular and improves in-store sales, is the product training seminars. The great advantage is Protek will come to you and tailor the training to your individual store needs.

Established over 35 years ago, Protek remains a family-owned and run business based in Somerset. They manufacture a wide range of industrial coatings and preservatives supplying some of the biggest shed and fence suppliers in the UK, alongside their growing presence in the retail exterior coatings market. From decking to summerhouses, furniture to fencing, it’s quick, easy, and cost-effective to transform garden wood using the Protek range. Natural wood tones, neutrals, greys, greens, or even an adventurous pop of colour will add personality, whilst giving the protection that all garden wood needs.

Contact Darren Stanley on 07715 232316 to get more information on Protek’s industrial and/or retail ranges. Alternatively, email Sue Rymes with your request 01749 344697 

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