Tornado announces an exciting new contractor promotion on 100m rolls of its R8/80/22 net. Selected rolls of this product, featuring the Torus knot, will carry a concealed Golden Ticket on the back of the product label. Every winning ticket entitles the purchaser to a ‘Beer Subscription’, that is a year’s supply of beer! 

This also means of course that once the contractor has tried the ‘Ultimate Livestock Fencing’, they will never want to use any other fencing product again!

Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing Director at Tornado, says: “As well as offering the best fencing products on the market, we also offer some of the most innovative promotions. I am confident our latest promotion on R8/80/22 net will stimulate interest in this superb product and also provide some much-needed refreshment for the market!”

Tornado’s approach to its market and to its customers has always been unique in the fencing sector. The company is in origin a fencing business – the company founders were fencing contractors before they got into manufacturing. This has always given it a strong understanding of what its customers – primarily fencing contractors – need from their manufacturing supplier. It also gives the company insight into the key product requirements for different applications.

This is why Tornado offers a variety of different fencing products in both high tensile and mild steel, with a choice of knots for different applications. With most of the market in high tensile nowadays, the choice is amongst premium products at the top end of the Tornado range.

Tornado’s R8/80/22 is the ultimate product for livestock fencing – it’s the one that every other sheep fence aspires to. This is for a number of reasons.

Livestock safety is designed in. Unlike other products, which have 15cm spacings for the vertical wires, the 22cm spacing for the continuous vertical stay wires prevents animals getting their heads stuck in the fence. It also reduces the chance of ear tags getting caught and pulled off on the fence. This is the optimum spacing for a livestock net, as it remains completely stockproof, whereas larger spacings of up to 30cm can increase the risk of lambs being
able to push through the net. The continuous vertical wires also make the net more resistant to downward pressure from livestock.

A key feature of R8/80/22 is the unique high pressure, bonded Torus knot. The design of the knot amply illustrates how the simplest solutions are often the best. Although small and unobtrusive, the Torus fixed knot is very firm and will provide four-way movement resistance. These types of fixed knot fences have a one-piece vertical wire which gives additional strength. Traditional hinge joint fences have a separate individual wire between the horizontal wires. This gives the fence greater flexibility, but it will not have the same vertical strength. This is an important contractor benefit of Torus, compared to a product such as HT8/80/15, as it makes the fence quicker and easier to pull up, because it does not fold on the hinge joints. Being smooth, it also reduces the chance of sheep wool getting caught on the fence, once installed.

This is a very high quality product, which is manufactured on three dedicated lines at Tornado’s Millom factory. Contractors love it and, once they’ve tried it, many of Tornado’s customers won’t use any other product. Because they themselves can see the benefits of the product, it is a great selling aid when they are talking to prospective customers. Once people see it, this fence virtually sells itself. Often when they have an initial meeting with a customer, the contractor will take a sample of the fence with them to demonstrate how it works.

Contractors who benefit from using Torus products include those who work in a range of different sectors in addition to agricultural. These include the infrastructure and equestrian sectors, for which the Torus range includes higher versions. The smooth Torus knot has the added benefit of reducing the risk of damage to rugs.

Contractors often comment on the ease and speed of use. The smooth knot allows the netting to be easily pulled around turning posts without getting snagged. The 22cm spacing of the vertical wires makes tying off easier and removes the need for stripping out of the vertical wires. If required, the knots can be easily removed by cutting across the diagonal wire.

Of course R8/80/22 additionally brings all the normal benefits of a high tensile net. The advantages include increased strength, which means that the intermediate posts can be spaced further apart, creating a saving in both materials and labour. The increased strength also means that the fence can be pulled much tighter and will maintain its tension indefinitely. There is also a reduced maintenance requirement, due to not needing retensioning on a regular basis, as is the case with mild steel fencing. Finally centreless rolls mean that it is compatible with the Pro-Fencer and a wide range of different fence dispensers and tensioners.

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