Norfolk-based Waller Sawmills retains a clear focus on the future for a family owned business that will be 65 years young in 2020.

Founded in 1955 by Russell Waller, grandfather of existing MD Paul Waller, Waller Sawmills employs 20 staff and manufactures and supplies high quality sawn, treated and kiln-dried timber products from an 8 acre site close to the village of Hevingham, a few miles north of Norwich.

Director Trish Allen has spent 30 years in the timber industry and was appointed to the Waller Sawmills board in 2000. She took up the story: “Most of our current business in centred around the Home Counties although we are always looking to expand our market as wide as possible across the UK.

“We supply timber merchants and contractors with fence posts and other timber products sourced from England, particularly around the Thetford Forest.

“We have a company mantra that mirrors the letters in Waller encompassing attention to detail, large investment, level of service, efficient deliveries, reliability and service. It reflects our commitment to quality that permeates everything we do.

“There’s been a number of key landmarks in the company’s history which has helped to chart our course. In 2005 we installed a modern Mohringer sawmill and four years later we added two kilns. In 2016 we installed a biomass plant. Our environmental credentials are very important to us.

“The business has grown steadily in recent years and has a turnover nudging £5 million. Paul’s son Liam, the fourth generation
of the Waller family to be involved, represents the future although he’s starting at the bottom just as Paul did from the age of 16. It’s vital to understand the processes behind our operations and I’m sure he’ll be more than ready to take the reins when the time is right.

“We take timber treatment very seriously supplying our customers with timber that is fit for purpose, reliable and cost effective. We have nurtured a great relationship with Impra over the past 25 years as our solution provider since we installed our two treatment tanks. We carry out green and brown but have plans to incorporate a third tank on land we purchased in 2018.

“Impra have proved to be a fantastic partner over the last quarter of a century and are always on hand to help out with any technical and operational issues.

“Special mention must be given to Steve Turrell who is our Impra rep and provides us with an first class service. His interesting choice of ties always attracts plenty of commentsfrom Waller staff!” she added.

Waller Sawmills uses Impra’s ACQ solution that prevents insect infestation, including termites, fungi and fungal decay. Used in

applications for poles, vineyard poles, palisades, playground equipment, fences, plant troughs, construction timber, facades, stables and greenhouses. ACQ is fully approved for use by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) who are the body responsible for approval of chemicals in the UK.

“As well as redwood kiln-dried posts we have recently added whitewood feather edged timber to our offering and can supply mixed loads delivered to site by artic vehicles,”

“Our offering includes a wide range of products including round top and pointed top pales, ended arris rails, capping and battens along with all the standard fencing timbers available on mixed product and colour loads.”

When it comes to preparing for Brexit Trish’s views reflect thousands of businesses up and down the country: “I think the uncertainty
is dramatically affecting many businesses including ours. We just need a decision either way and some positive strong leadership is urgently  required to move the country forward.

“At the moment the whole world is thinking we are a laughing stock. Politicians need to grow up and stop behaving worse than a bunch of squabbling children. Maybe the General Election will put an end to that but I’m not holding my breath!

“How anyone can plan long term for Brexit or no Brexit is beyond me when it seems the goal posts can be moved whenever our supposed leaders feel like it,” she added.

Regardless of the political machinations over Brexit, Waller Sawmills will still be unveiling new products in 2020 as Trish explained: “We will be introducing Waney Panels and Closeboard Panels to our range in order to give our customers even more choice. These products fill in the gaps in terms of what we offer. “We are keeping fingers crossed that 2020 will be a good year. We would much rather be plain sailing on calm waters than continuing on the choppy waters we’ve experienced in recent years!

“Ultimately though our aims remain focused on building strong, lasting relationships with customers by providing high quality products delivered as per their requirements and timescales,” concluded Trish.

The focus is there for Waller Sawmills and they clearly have all the potential for continued growth with a treatment partner like Impra. 01603 754219