Linnell Bros welcomes the next generation

Despite disarray caused by covid 19 over the last couple of years, Linnell Bros has a silver lining. The business welcomed the fifth generation to its ranks with both Callum and Annie proud to be joining the family firm of over 140 years. Both felt a great honour to be able to continue working for the business that was established by their great-great-grandfather in1880.

Callum has been coming to Linnell Bros since the age of five with his grandfather. He fondly remembers helping at the end of the saw on a Saturday morning and being taken home for breakfast after being paid £2/hour! Callum has come from construction and recruitment and is passionateabout the business and bringing his skill-set to the team. After being on the ‘other side’ he has a strong understanding of procurement andcommercial building work. He is currently working alongside Roger Linnell in the sales office.

Annie has joined following a secretarial course and a stint atKnight Frank and alongside Callum, is keen to help modernise Linnell Bros. Annie is working with JamesLinnell in the trade shop and the benefit of her being in such a male-dominated world is unquestionable.‘I feel that customers who are unsure, find women more approachable and aren’t afraidto ask questions. An enjoyable, refreshing dynamic and overall better teamwork, I hope!’

With this young new generation, Linnell Bros is sure to remain in good hands for many more years to come. A business that pridesitself on exemplary customer service and quality of product, both Annie and Callum are keen to reinforce these key values. Currently, Linnell Bros can deliver within three working days, following milling and treatment on-site, this is a hard act to better! However, they hope to make the business more efficient, less reliant on paperwork and more environmentally friendly. They also envisage a focus on local businesses and expansion of sales and digital marketing.

Working with Roger and Callum we currently have a sales team vacancy and please visit our website to view more details. Please do not hesitate to contact Callum to find out more if you are after a quote callum. and visit our shop in Silverstone to meet Annie.

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