At a recent meeting of the Association of Fencing Industries it was decided that in view of the current difficulties in the economy as a result of corona virus a number of steps would be taken to assist smaller UK Fencing contractors.

The AFI will assist queries from installers, members or not, the possible help to from Government, announced in the Chancellors £350m this week. AFI Chairman Adam Binns said, “through our contacts with the Build UK organisation we have access to a great deal of information about this package, particularly in how it relates the construction industry. We will be happy to try and help anyone from our industry, who is suffering particular hardship, as a result of this crisis, to access this help. Call us let’s see if we can help.

In order to facilitate better distribution of work within the industry the AFI will also provide the ability to register on-line for any contractors wishing to take on sub-contract work. This facility will be available for all UK Fencing Contractors.

AFI research has shown that, for many years, there has been a trend away from salaried staff with contractors looking to supplement their labour force, on an ad hoc basis, with sub-contract staff. This initiative will allow any installers, who wish to work as sub-contractors, to upload their details to the AFI’s website detailing their experience, qualifications, areas of work and availability.

AFI members will then be able to log into the register when extra staff are required. The introduction of the register is the result of representations from a number of members who were having difficulty in finding suitable sub-contractors. Ian Ripley CEO comments ‘We know that the industry is suffering a skills shortage and while we are looking at ways of attracting new recruits into fencing as a career choice, we also need to address these immediate problems.’

Member Benefits provided by the AFI are continually being reviewed and extended with the following currently available to members

  • Use of the industry accepted AFI quality mark on members website and stationery
  • Certified Contractor Scheme to provide guarantee to clients that a member installer has the necessary expertise to carry out their contract.
  • Access to all Build UK facilities such as legal advice (contract and employment), credit checks, DBS checks and Health and safety advice.
  • Access to our experts on training, FISS/CSCS card registration and qualification. HELP TO THE FENCING INDUSTRY FROM THE ASSOCIATION OF FENCING INDUSTRIES.
  • CHAS Accreditation – Exclusive discounted rates for AFI Members
  • AFI Job Board – access to our online board showing customers searching the internet for Fencing Installers to carry out contracts
  • Cyber Security Advice
  • Insurance Advice
  • Guidance Documents on items such as GDPR, IR35 and PAS 111
  • Downloadable templates for business and Health and Safety documents
  • Access to knowledgeable experts on British Standard and other fencing related issues.

New Vice Chairman Cameron Glanville gave a commitment to “continually searching out opportunities to improve our service to members and represent the industry as a whole to; government departments, grantawarding bodies, training/awarding bodies and industry standard organisations.

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