If you’re looking for the latest fencing innovations from Australia and New Zealand you’d be hard pressed to find a better supplier than Holden Fencing Imports.

Based in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, the business was only established in November 2020 but has already forged distribution agreements and agent contracts with a number of fencing brands from the Southern Hemisphere.

Co-founder James Holden, who runs Holden Fencing Imports with his partner Lindsay Edwards, has also been running contracting firm Holden Fencing since 2009. He explained: “These may be uncertain times but you have to speculate to accumulate and we’ve seen demand grow as we build awareness of what are some of the most innovative fencing products around.

“Back in June 2020, I purchased a Kyne rotating base and Fence Pro post driver. It was the first time a Kyne product had been exported from New Zealand and there was naturally a lot of interest in it over here.

“The bases rotate from 125 to 180 degrees and represent a lightweight, high function, high flexibility post driver mounting option. Any 3 point linkage mounted machine can be fitted and they work very well with Fence Pro post drivers.

“Fence Pro supply post drivers for every situation from a basic rear mounted machine to a 180 degree rotating base machine and excavator mounted machine with mast heights ranging from 4mtrs to 4.8mtrs and block weights from 230kg to 350kg.

“We are now the British-based agents for Fence Pro post drivers and Kyne equipment that also includes fencing grab forks, spike wheels, aerators and front press cultivators as well as the Ramarota rotational post-driver bases.

“We are now developing a customer base throughout the UK, Ireland and into continental Europe.

“All Kyne and Fence Pro products are made to order to your specifications with an approximate lead time of 10 weeks. They are available with a wide range of options and accessories,” he added.

Far from resting on their laurels, the team have gone on to create distribution partnerships with a number of other Australasian manufacturers including Woodshield who manufacture wooden posts, vacuum sealed in recycled plastic to prevent rot and water ingress. The plastic also seals around fixings offering a more sustainable and ecological option.

They have also established a distribution agreement with Kiwi inventor Malcolm Webster whose chainsaw compressor makes any chainsaw over 50cc dual purpose. It can be easily carried, weighing just 18Kg, and comes with 10 metres of hose for hard-to-reach fence lines.

James started up in fencing around 12 years ago when he returned from Australia where he spent several months working in northern New South Wales on the edge of the Outback.

“I returned home in the middle of the financial crisis and struggled to find work. My father had been a fencing contractor so I decided to follow in his footsteps. Holden Fencing was founded soon after,” he added.

Holden Fencing Imports is embracing social media in a big way to spread the word and has recruited a marketing assistant to generate and push out content about their product base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and create awareness of their online shop at www.holdenfencing.co.uk.

“We have a wide range of other products from Delfast, FastWay fencing tie-offs and Millenz tool belts. Delfast manufacture fastening solutions for every situation. Fastway fencing tie-offs are an innovation in tying wire off as you don’t have to tie your own knots. You pass the tail round the post, push it through the knot and crimp it on to your netting. Millenz produce a range of tool belts for every budget and will custom make anything required for the personal touch. The deal with Millenz came about through a request from my stepdaughter who wanted a tool belt for when she is working the fence line at weekends and during holidays. The children’s tool belt is like the grown ups but smaller.

“Whilst innovation continues in Australia and New Zealand we will continue to search for the best products at the best prices and introduce them into the UK market,” concluded James.

Holden Fencing is clearly going more than the extra mile to ensure our fencing industry remains up to speed with the very latest inventions!

Tel: 0333 090 3385 www.holdenfencing.co.uk

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