Metal-free, low pressure microemulsion wood preservative concentrate.

The “all-rounder“ among the impregnation products.

The requirements of the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), in the EU and in the UK, are a challenge for all wood preservative producers particular with regard to the envi¬ronmental impact of wood preser¬vatives. Therefore, heavy metal-free products with low application rates are of high interest for the whole industry. Impralit TSK 40 is an application-oriented multi-purpose preservative and is one represen¬tative of this product group.

The product is suitable for all above ground timber treatment and is applied either by dipping or spraying and is also able to be usedin both High and Low Pres¬sure treatment plants satisfying the requirements of the UK authorities and relevant approval bodies. It is heavy metal free with very low and competitive retentions making it a real allrounder that is already gaining significant market share in both the dipping and low-pressure markets in the UK. Impra®lit TSK 40 (UC 1, 2 and 3) can be used in conjunction with a vast range of co-lours giving end users an extensive range of aesthetically pleasing op¬tions whilst providing the necessa¬ry protection for the finished timber.

Whether it is for fencing or deco¬rative timber in the garden or for structural low pressure-treated tim¬ber, impra®lit TSK 40 is the produ¬ct providing an economical and re¬alistic alternative to the traditional products currently on sale in the UK.

This new allrounder in wood tre¬atment and impregnation is a blend of organic fungicides as well as insecticides and available with a wide range of impralit pigment or dyes.

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