There are businesses that supply postknockers and businesses that supply stock fencing machines. And then there is south west firm Chalke Valley Engineering who sit on both sides of the fence!

Established in the late nineties by engineer Kevin Meade, Chalke Valley Engineering has its admin and sales office in the Cornish town of Callington and its workshop facilities based near Shaftesbury in Dorset. Nicholas Meade, Kevin’s brother, has been involved in the business on and off over the past two decades but assumed a more permanent role as commercial director in early 2019, bringing his knowledge and experience with start-up companies to bear on the firm’s day to day operations and marketing.

Nicholas explained: “Our Postpuncher machine was developed by Kevin in 1999 and it’s gone on to become very popular with contractors and farmers across the UK as well as further afield. Kevin’s engineering acumen has seen the machine gradually evolve over time with refinement and improvements that improve operational efficiency.

“Kevin recognised that many of today’s farmers and contractors had a requirement for a safer post driver that could be mounted on telehandlers, loadalls, backhoes, mini excavators and skidsteers.

“With its enclosed driving weight and universal mounting option, our Postpuncher has met and exceeded these demands. It’s a unique and highly innovative post driver made to the highest quality standards using British products and British steel. We are proud of our product and its impeccable safety record.

“In 2014 we launched the Fastfencer, a highly versatile attachment that has been designed for use on tractors with 3 point linkage as well as front loaders, excavators, skid-steers, etc.

“It has a hydraulically operated wire clamping system and each model can be manufactured to the customer’s bespoke specifications should that be required. It can carry up to two 500m rolls of stock wire netting and is just as effective with 1200mm horse fence netting and 2m deer fence netting.

“It boasts a double left and right feed so the operator can use the Fastfencer clockwise or anticlockwise around the fence line,” added Kevin.

Four different models of the Fastfencer are available with differing specifications. The FF1 is their standard model and is suitable for excavators or small tractors. The FF2 is the most popular model for the farming community and can be easily attached to loader/ TPL or Telehandler. It features, amongst other things, dual clamping on either side.

The FF3 is designed for large netting rolls of up to 2.6m for deer fencing security and many other applications. It’s a robust machine that is ideal for excavators or the front end loaders of tractors.

Chalke Valley’s newest products are the FFM (Fastfencer Manual) and Fastfencer Mule. Designed as a basic budget solution for the agricultural sector, the FFM doesn’t feature hydraulic clamps but does take the backache out of stock fencing whilst the Mule is designed to carry posts and other fencing equipment.

Kevin said “We feel we have a Fastfencer model that suits every need and market but we continue to adapt and innovate. Every machine comes with a two year guarantee.

“We’ve sold several thousand fencing machines, either directly or through our dealership network, and rarely, if ever, have any issues. We have a loyal and growing customer base that likes what we do. You can’t say fairer than that!” added Kevin.

With Kevin’s innovative engineering skills and Nicholas’ nouse, you feel Chalke Valley Engineering is perfectly placed to move forward..on both sides of the fence! 01747 828628 

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