Innovative technology for the professional farmer that revolutionises the way power is delivered to a fence line.

Tru-Test have been a leading global agri tech company developing PEL Electric Fencing technology to maximise the benefits of grazing and to maintain livestock security for many years. We now see the launch of the new PEL A15Xi Energiser which revolutionises the way power is provided to a fence line.

The innovative technology contained within the PEL A15Xi provides the power previously attained from a large energiser whilst complying with the latest European standard. The European Commission introduced amendment to restrict energisers to a maximum 15J output energy and also stipulated a delay period when changing from below 5J to above 5J. This limitation to the output energy in turn limited the voltage on the fence from conventional compliant energisers and as a consequence the ability to reliably contain animals reduced. The A15Xi has increased the available power from a 15 Joule energiser by using innovative technology that changes the way the electric pulse is emitted from the unit. This means that the power sent out from an A15Xi at 15 Joules can produce the same power, or even more when load is applied to a fence line as a 36 Joule energiser would.

The A15Xi incorporates an IPC (Inductive Power Coupler) which is smart technology in a separate power pack that addresses the issues of power surges that can damage an energiser. Some areas around the world suffer from power surges due to lightning strikes. Tru-Test have designed new technology that effectively isolates the power unit, through an IPC. The IPC is important as it provides the following features:

• Integral to A15Xi’s higher output power.

• Provides isolation from the

Mains to Fence and from Fence

to the Mains.

  • Will resist lightning strikes of up to 100 kV.
  • Conventional energisers limited to 25 kV isolation.
  • Protects the A15Xi from damaging surges.
  • Easy to insert and remove.
  • Will only provide power when connected to A15Xi.

Indicates when a medium or heavy load is seen on the fence.

The A15Xi also features Load Indicators to help indicate to the user when there may be a problem on the fence line. This indicates when a medium or heavy load is being applied to the fence line, which could indicate a problem. This then notifies the user when the fence needs to be checked for high vegetation or shorts to ensure maximum livestock security is maintained throughout its use.

A standby switch is included which is a convenient method to put the A15Xi into standby when needing to work on the fence (if remote is not available). This simply requires a magnet to be tapped on the indicated location to put the A15Xi unit into standby. A further tap enables the A15Xi to power the fence. A magnet key fob is provided with every A15Xi that can be attached to a keyring or similar for convenience.

All A15Xi’s go through a strict testing period before packaging and shipment. Every printed circuit assembly is tested individually. Every assembled unit is run through a final test. After assembly every unit is run through various fence loads for 3 days. During the 3 days every unit is connected and monitored through Wi-Fi. Monitoring will pick up any faults that occur due to manufacturing tolerances to ensure that when a customer receives the product, it us guaranteed to deliver the power that they require. KiwiKit are experts in the field of electric fencing and provide a vast range of products to ensure that you can farm smarter, not harder.

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