Lonza has bid a fond farewell to David Law after 36 years of sterling service to the business in its various incarnations

On the first of July 1985 the Hickson timber products publicity team was joined by a young mild-mannered but ambitious young man called David Law.

Steve Young, Executive Chairman of the The Wood Protection Association and Chairman, The Timber Decking & Cladding Association recalls that day:

“In the mid-1980’s Dave joined the publicity team at Hickson Timber Products. The department was being expanded to provide a Public Relations role for the Hickson International Group and the Castleford chemicals manufacturing site in particular. As part of the PR programme we had just signed a major sponsorship deal with Castleford Rugby League – Dave was a huge fan! He made it clear to me that if he was to join Hickson to lead the design team then management of this sponsorship contract and interface with the club had to be part of his role.

“I didn’t hesitate and I have absolutely no doubt at all that Dave’s tireless work and diplomacy was the key factor in the long-running success of this sponsorship deal and its PR benefit to the Hickson Group.

“In the first sponsorship season the Club made it through to the Challenge Cup final at Wembley. To help local people identify with this success and take pride in the town Dave came up with the idea of a car window sticker with the slogan “We’re Backing Cas”. The sticker became so popular that the print run of 10,000 had to be repeated several times over to meet demand. That sticker was everywhere and became ubiquitous with the 1986 final. And of course, Castleford won the cup and then we celebrated long into the night.

“When the RL Super League was formed in 1996 and SKY required Castleford to re-brand as Castleford Tigers it was Dave who came up with the design for the Tigers logo and helped the club with its rebranding programme.”

Janet Sycamore of the Timber Decking and Cladding Association also worked with Dave and recollects those times:

“I worked with David for 10 years and his work ethic was just to get his head down and crack on with things. He was so hardworking and dedicated and his capacity to get things done was immense. He thought nothing of putting in extra hours being first in and last to leave regularly.”

Fiona Scott was a mere wisp of a girl when she and David first worked together in the 1990’s; now Marcoms specialist at Lonza she has continued to work closely with Dave for the past 30 years. Fiona remembers:

“What a long way Dave and I have come together, in 1985 we had Drawing boards, cutting mats and hand rendering in those early days. Setting out the Hickson & Welch conference room for meetings and temperamental slide carousels (why was one always upside down?) to electronic technologies and the digital communication tools of today.

“Supportive, creative, dedicated, and empathetic, Dave has always guided me professionally and as a friend for a huge chunk of my life and for which I feel very lucky.”

The timber trade will carry on as it always does but it will never be quite the same without you.

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