It’s no easy feat setting up a new business in the midst of a global pandemic but that’s exactly what James Holden and Lindsay Edwards did back in the autumn of 2020

Three years on and Holden Fencing Imports is already making an impact, almost as much of an impact as the New Zealand-built FencePro Ultra T2 postknocker which they have just started supplying to contractors across the UK alongside the existing FencePro range that they’ve supplied since their inception. James explained: “So many of the innovations that make the job of a fencing contractor a little bit easier find their origins in New Zealand with the Ultra T2 representing one of the most recent steps forward for our industry.

“The T2 is a world class 3.1m to 5.2m telescopic mast complete with plastic slides around a 300kg block. It’s very quiet when running and is very smooth to operate. It’s designed to drive 4.2m poles with ease yet is still under the road legal maximum transport height.

“It features a heavy-duty ultra glide post cap, wide angle hydraulic top link and 53 degree side tilt, adjustable valve bank holder with 30 degree movement and a post pusher plate at the base of the mast amongst many other benefits.

“There’s also optional features such as a 340kg block upgrade and hydraulic legs. This really is a beast and a game changer for contractors, courtesy of our friends on the other side of the planet!” added James, a fencing contractor based in east Lancashire, who spotted a gap in the market a few years ago when it came to the supply of Australian, New Zealand and north American built fencing products.

Another recent addition to the Holden fencing imports range are the fencegard dies for the Milwaukee Force Logic crimper.

James went on “As a contractor myself it’s vital that I test out the equipment first before I take it any further. I want to supply tools and products that will make our job easier and this crimp kit from Fencegard really does go above and beyond the call of duty.

“The crimper was even better than expected and we managed to crimp 13 wires in under three minutes.

“It comes with a three-year warranty for added peace of mind,” added James who started Holden fencing upon his return from working in outback Australia.

As well as Milwaukee and FencePro you’ll find a wide range of other brands at James’ online store including Kyne, James Higgins, Malcolm Webster, Delfast, Fencegard, Gallagher and many more.

If it’s designed to make this fencing game a bit easier then you can bet your Aussie, Kiwi or American dollar that James and the team will be on it! 0333 090 3385

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