Makita has added two new products to its cordless saw range – the Twin 18V Brushless 305mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw LXT (DLS211ZU) and the 18V Portable Band Saw LXT (DPB182Z).

The DLS211ZU is a high-power 305mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw with increased cutting capacity. For improved operator safety, the DLS211ZU includes Makita’s Auto- Start Wireless System (AWS).

AWS connects the tool to a compatible dust extractor using a Bluetooth link – and ensures that when the tool is in use, the extractor is automatically turned on to remove any dust produced. The saw also includes Makita’s new dust extractor clip system – which ensures the extractor remains securely in place during use.

For optimum operation, the DLS211ZU is a 36V (2 x 18V battery) model, that includes Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology, which automatically adjusts the saw’s cutting speed according to the load conditions.

The DLS211ZU has a max mitre range of 60∞ to 60∞ (L-R) and max bevel range of 48∞ to 48∞ (L-R). Maximum cutting capacity is 92mm x 382mm or 107mm x 363mm at 90 degrees and the machine weighs 30.7kg-31.3kg with a no load speed of 4,400rpm.

Another addition to Makita’s cordless range is the DPB182Z Portable Band Saw – a light-weight tool (3.8kg-4.1kg) perfect for cutting through conduit, copper pipe, threaded rod, angle iron and channel. The machine’s cutting capacity for round pipe is up to 64mm in diameter and square pipe is up to 64mm by 64mm. The DPB182Z’s highly rigid aluminium structure ensures stable cutting and has a tracking facility so the blade does not drift in operation.

The DPB182Z has a tool-less blade change lever – making changing the blade a fast and effortless process. The tool can also be used one handed, due to the wheel cover that encloses the blade outside the cutting area.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita explains: “Both the DLS211ZU and DPB182Z are powered by Makita’s innovative 18V Lithium-ion (LXT) batteries. The inclusion of LXT means that the DLS211ZU and DPB182Z benefit from industry leading run times and charge times, and anytime battery charging – improving on-site efficiency. The DLS211ZU uses the Twin 18V LXT technology, meaning the tool benefits from a total of 36V.”

Both the DLS211ZU and DPB182Z have a vibration K factor of 1.5m/s2 and the sound K factor for both machines is 3dB(A).

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