Mercedes-Benz Dealer Roanza breaks into steel fencing firm’s fleet

 Mercedes-Benz Dealer Roanza breaks into steel fencing firm’s fleet

Steel fencing manufacturer IAE has added the first Mercedes-Benz mettle to its fleet in the shape of two eye-catching Actros tractor units. Both 2548 models with flat-floored BigSpace cabs, they were delivered to the Stoke-on-Trent company by the local branch of Dealer Roanza Truck & Van.

The new arrivals have lined up alongside 20 other trucks, every one of which is by the same manufacturer. “We took a conscious decision to stop sourcing all of our vehicles from a single supplier,” explained Managing Director Frank Klucznik. “Spreading the acquisitions around puts us in a healthier position.”

He continued: “We conducted our market research with a view to identifying the most eco-friendly, fuel-efficient and long-lasting trucks. It was important, too, that our new vehicles should command strong residual values, so we didn’t have to get tied into a buy-back scheme. The Actros appeared to tick all of these boxes, and more besides.”

IAE was founded in 1969 by Mr Klucznik’s grandfather, Frank Snr, and is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of livestock and equestrian handling equipment, shelters, and industrial steel fencing. The Actros are delivering products from the company’s Longton factory to wholesalers across the UK, and will each clock-up a projected 120,000 km per year.

Powered by advanced six-cylinder engines producing 350 kW (476 hp) and driving through smooth Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions, the new units have already impressed with their combination of performance and comfort.

They are fitted with Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard telematics systems which the operator is now using to monitor fuel consumption and coach its drivers to improve their mpg returns.

Transport Manager Chris Green said: “First impressions of the Actros are certainly highly positive. Our drivers have made some very complimentary comments about these trucks and we’ve been impressed by the professionalism and customer-focused approach of everyone we’ve dealt with at Roanza.

“The Dealer’s collection and delivery service, coupled with the fact that its Stoke workshop can inspect and maintain our vehicles through the night, means we expect to incur minimal downtime. The whole package is excellent.”

Family-owned IAE enjoys an unrivalled reputation for quality, and exports its products to markets including Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and North America.

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