The UK has been through a difficult and trying time in the past three or four months and it seems likely that we may have more issues to deal with yet not least of which will be recovering from the economic slowdown.

As we start to get back to something like normal working in the fencing Industry the emphasis of the Association of Fencing Industries is changing from a source of information to help businesses survive the initial problems caused by the Corona Virus outbreak to providing assistance in getting the industry back to as near normal working as possible. For the moment that should mean following the Site Operating Procedures produced by the Construction Leadership Council and the Government’s general guidelines. (see the AFI website for details)

The AFI will continue to assist with queries from installers, members or not, regarding the help to get the industry back on its feet. Have a look at the website ( for the up-to-date information we have or give us a call with your specific question, we’ll help if we can.

The promised Sub Contractor Register to help facilitate better distribution of work within the industry is now in place and available for all contractors (including non-members) to register with information about, type of work, location and qualifications. AFI members will then be able to log into the members area and view the register when extra resources are needed for their business.

The AFI has recently been approached by several agricultural fencing installers to enquire about the possibility of starting a sub-group within the AFI to provide specific support to this sector. At a recent Board Meeting it was decided that we should take steps to get this moving and, provided we can find sufficient current and new members who are willing to support a specialist Agricultural Group, then we will get it started as soon as possible.

Other Member Benefits provided by the AFI are continually being reviewed and extended.

We have recently had discussions with a company specialising in the investigation of Construction Industry contracts and in the light of contractual issues, following the recent corona virus outbreak likely to become an issue for our members, we are actively pursuing a possible partnership with them.

The AFI is also discussing an arrangement with a major on-line provider of tradesman contacts for members of the public searching for reliable businesses to carry out work required at their homes.

This will involve the opportunity to display the AFI logo in their information on the site and a discount for our members against the usual site fees.

The extensive, current member benefits are listed on the website.

The AFI’s commitment to supporting the whole of the industry, in its many and varied forms throughout the current crisis and any that follow, remains as strong as ever. We are a £ billion industry and deserve recognition at the highest levels of Business and Government for our commitment to the UK economy.

Any questions or if you just need a chat about the business contact us at: Tel: +44 (0)20 8253 4516 Email:

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