Over the first half of 2019 the Association has seen four of our long-term objectives start to take shape.

First, our new website is due to go on-line in September and will offer several new features. Second, also in September, we are will be rolling out our first ‘new member’ promotion through Jewsons branches. Third, our new partnership with Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

In view of our long-standing relationship with The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), we are now able
to offer substantially reduced rates (at all levels) for members joining or renewing subscriptions via the newly opened AFI portal on the CHAS website. Contact us to get the reduced membership rates and for instructions on how to register( or 020 8253 4516)

Fourth, and probably most Important in the longer term, the development of the Common Assessment Standard to reduce the paperwork requirements for pre- qualification and tendering.

The Common Assessment Standard comprises an industry- agreed question set based on existing PQ questionnaires, including PAS 91, and corresponding assessment standards.

There are two levels of certification: desktop and site based. Companies can now apply to a recognised assessment body for the certification level that is most appropriate for their business based on a range of factors including trade, size and the requirements of their clients.

The assessment bodies (shown above) have been recognised to certify companies against the Common Assessment Standard and have aligned existing or new products accordingly.

The newly introduced special membership rates for AFI members, also apply to the CHASD versions of the Common Assessment Standards.

We are continuing to pursue further new benefits for all our members, with the following due to come on-line over the coming months

1. A UK wide, domestic-enquiry, lead generating package, which members can search and purchase the detailed enquiry information, if it is looks to be of interest.

2. An AFI insurance package for members, which could help some of the smaller members reduce their insurance costs.

3. An AFI advice line and information leaflets to help with IT security against hacking and other fraud attacks, with a guaranteed discount for any work that is agreed.

In the light of the continuing problem of recruiting and retaining qualified installers, we are also investigating the possibility of becoming actively involved in ‘T-Qualifications’ to allow colleges to offer a fencing qualification as part of the construction related sector of this new system of qualifications. This could help considerably in attracting more young people to take an interest in our industry at the start of their careers.

We are now approaching the end of the BS1722 review processes with only BS 1722 part 2 (Strained wire and woven mesh) in progress currently and BS1722 part 18 (temporary fencing) to follow. Unless we have requests for further reviews?

The AFI is the fastest growing membership organisation specific to the fencing industry and continues to grow its reputation and influence throughout the fencing industry. If you’re interested in becoming part of the AFI family talk to us (we don’t bite, well Jen doesn’t, although Ian does growl a bit especially first thing in the morning but he’s harmless!!!)

Telephone : 020 8253 4516 E-mail :