Not just a pretty face

 Not just a pretty face

Protek are well known for their wide colour range in a number of superior finishes, but what lies beneath is just as important. Included in their comprehensive portfolio they have a wood preserver pre-treatment to protect timber against wood destroying rot and discolouring fungi.

Protek Wood Preserver is effective against blue stain according to EN152 and against decay fungus (brown rot fungi) according to EN113, EN73 & EN84. It is moisture regulating and provides an adhesive surface. This makes it a great primer preparation that can easily be over painted or stained with Wood Stain & Protector, Royal Exterior and Restol Wood Oil.

Protek Wood Preserver penetrates wood easily and thereby gets deep into inner layers and has the advantage of having low VOCs.  This easy to use water-based product is suitable for use on outside timbers that are not in direct ground contact. It continues Protek’s long held eco credentials as it uses renewable resource technology.

Pack sizes come in 20 litres that are suitable for the professional or I, 2.5 and 5 litres for domestic use. This product serves as the backbone of Protek’s retail range and the pre-treatment to their colourful wood paints and stains.

Protek’s products appeal to all ends of the market, from their economy Shed & Fence treatment available in traditional wood colours to the Royal Superior that has 58 colours which include whites, muted heritage tones and bright standout feature colours. Also available are Decking Stain, Wood Stain and Protector and hugely popular Stable Coat, along with Restol Wood Oil, a linseed oil based high performance coating and Horva Anti-Slip for decking.


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