Herefordshire-based forestry and timber company, Say it with Wood, have been exploring the different solutions British woodlands can offer when it comes to tackling the climate emergency.

As trees grow they draw CO2 from the air and with careful management they can replace environmentally damaging products such as plastic, steel and concrete. They can also replace carbon emitting fossil fuels to provide heat or energy.

One of the best methods for carbon sequestration is using biochar to build soil carbon. In celebration of this wonderful material Say it with Wood will be holding a Biochar information event on the 25th April 2020.

Biochar is biomass heated in the absence of oxygen to make charcoal. When charged with nutrients and used in the soil it becomes a perfect habitat for soil mycorrhizal fungi, which provide plants with essential nutrients in exchange for carbohydrates.

Aly May, partner at SIWW explained: ” We are very excite about biochar. Many of our customers care deeply about sustainability and adding biochar as a product is a logical step. Using charcoal in soil firstly locks that carbon away for thousands of years. It regulates water and nutrients in the soil, but it’s mycorrhizas that do the magic. They have a symbiotic relationship with plants – as the plants flourish from easy access to nutrients, so the Mycorrhizas use the carbohydrate from the plants to grow underground. Unlike other soil additives, it doesn’t break down and the effects get better over time.”

Say it with wood are welcoming anyone wishing to learn more to attend the information day at their Herefordshire premises.

The day will cost £20 with food and refreshments included. Booking is highly recommended.

For more information about biochar, or to book a place on the day, please email, or call 07958345833

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