Scottish business owner Alistair Smart couldbeontoa winner with the latest fencing innovation imported from Australia.

Alistair’s G P Smart & Son business has recently secured the sole, exclusive UK and Ireland distribution rights for the Serca fence strainer. Tried and tested in the remote terrain of the Australian outback, the Serca is described as ‘the easiest and safest way to strain fences’.

“As soon as we saw it we were impressed and knew we had to get this product over to our shores and out into the market place,” explained Alistair who is already picking up orders from contractors across the British Isles.

Alistair took the Serca down to the Driffield Show in mid July and was encouraged by the positive reaction: “A number of fencing contractors tried it out and the feedback was all good. This is a terrific wee invention that really does take the strain out of agricultural, deer and equine fencing.

“It’s a perfect fit for farmers and contractors,” added Alistair who stocks a wide range of fencing materials from brands across the world as well as concrete products and machinery out of his yard in Alford in Aberdeenshire.

Developed by Richard Fox of northern New South Wales-based Rural Innovations, the Serca can be easily secured around a fence post and then attached to the wire using the ergonomically friendly, spring activated gripper linked to the tensioning unit.

Once the tensioning unit is set to ‘up’ the contractor can take up the slack by pulling on a 2.5m chain and then winds the handle until achieving the desired tension which is shown clearly on the tension meter.

Similarly when looking to release tension, the Serca is set to ‘down’ and the handle is unwinded.

Alistair went on: “The geared tensioning mechanism is easily operated reducing the risk of ‘spring back’ and the Serca comes with a second pair of wire grabs, featuring hardened jaws for extended tool life, for repairing broken fences.”

Richard Fox commented: “The Serca has gone through abouta dozen concepts and tested by farmers with the feedback used to arrive at a really good product.

“Among my first customers were fencing contractors who could see the advantages. This is the best improvement for a long time in an actual tool for straining a fence.

“The winch mechanism makes it ideal for straining old fences as well.

“Most landholders are guilty of over-tensioning fences. We all love to hear that beautiful guitar twang when we tension the wire but this is actually bad for the fence.

“Metal is elastic and it needs to stretch and spring back – but once it is over-stretched, it won’t spring back, resulting in the fence losing its tension.

“That is a big factor in why fences fail. Seasonal conditions can also affect the wire – an over- tensioned fence in the summer can contract in the winter, pulling posts out and even snapping wires.’’ added Richard.

Alistair continued: “There’s an excellent explanatory video of Richard on Youtube demonstrating the Serca which I’d recommend viewing for anyone interested in finding out more. It’s such a simple, stress free process that takes just seconds thanks to its outstanding and robust design and engineering.

“We are always on the look out for innovative tools that makes the life of a fencer easier and we are convinced this really will be a winner!” Alistair concluded.

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