These unprecedented times have created issues for all our businesses. Andrew Hodge, Marketing Director of Lonza Wood Protection, explains the effect on their business and how Lonza’s focused support service approach is helping their customers.

‘As a supplier of timber protection technologies during these testing times, where COVID-19 has created restrictions and even shutdown of some of our customers’ operations, our support services have really proved our philosophy that it is more than just about supplying proven wood preservatives.’

Throughout the ‘lockdown’ our manufacturing facilities have continued working, under hygienic, social distancing conditions, to ensure our preservative products have been readily available as required to all our European markets. Our supply team, working with our logistics partners, have also made sure of on-time deliveries to our customers.’

‘For those customers that have had to suspend their timber treatment operations, our technical and engineering teams have been making sure that when they are ready to re-start, that they do so in a safe and quality driven manner. Regular communications have delivered key information that will help make the move back to full production a smooth operation. And our field service engineers have still been making important customer site visits when required.’

‘Whilst we initially had to close our technical centre at Castleford, it is now back up and running at a reduced capacity and continuing to offer the vital treatment solution and treated timber testing services that we offer our customers in their commitment to achieving the highest quality treated timbers for their markets.’

‘Our research and regulatory teams have continued their drive in developing and gaining approval for our pipeline of future wood protection products that will help keep our customers at the leading edge of the timber supply chain.’

‘And the ‘lockdown’ has also seen our marketing services team continue to work with our customers on varied and exciting marketing plans ready to meet the upturn in demand when we all return to normal trading, whenever that may be. Updates to our on-line training services have also been a primary focus with a re-launch and widening of the popular facility to be made in the near future.’

‘Difficult times make us all re-evaluate what we have and what we will need for our businesses in the future. We believe our ever evolving, full service offering will help keep our customers at the very heart of the timber supply industry.’

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