Stumpbusters has reached 500 reviews on review site Trustpilot with a 96% ‘Excellent’ rating.

The company which was founded in 1991 has over 41 franchised territories, run by 20+ franchisees, and forms part of Darren Taylor’s ‘Taylor Made Franchising’ group. Taylor himself was a Stumpbusters franchisee for many years before buying the business in 2013.

StumpBusters’ franchisees are fully qualified, trained and insured professionals who hold City & Guilds and CSCS accreditations. Their service includes grinding out tree stumps from a variety of locations, including golf courses, large site clearances, parks and private homes. They also hold national contracts with organisations such as the National Trust.

Darren commented: “We’ve got a fantastic group of franchisees in Stumpbusters and these 500 reviews are testament to that. Many congratulations to them all. Luckily, as their jobs are outside, they are still able to carry out many of their jobs in spite of COVID-19. All franchisees have received PPE and advice on working in a COVID safe way.

“Having been a Stumpbusters franchisee myself I know exactly what it is like to be in their shoes, working long hours, in all weathers. As a franchisor I can’t change the weather but I can give them the very best tools and equipment to do their jobs, from securing the UK import rights to Alpine Magnums, one of the most portable grinders in the world, to developing our very own 38hp stump grinder which six of our franchisees are now using in their territories.

“The investment that our franchisees make in these most ‘cutting- edge’ pieces of equipment, coupled with their skills and experience are clearly reflected in the reviews provided by our customers. My team and I will always do our utmost to support our franchisees behind the scenes andthank them for doing such a greatjob every day,” he added.

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