Here, Jimmy Englezos, Senior Product Manager – Woodcare at Ronseal Trade explains the benefits of opting for water-based wood care products.

For some landscaping professionals, solvent-based products are often considered the go-to. Although this type of product is effective, opting for water-based alternatives can offer a range of benefits that can significantly improve professionals’ productivity on site and reduce disruption to end clients.

Due to their formulation, waterbased products dry much faster in comparison to solvent-based – which means that professionals can complete jobs in less time. The efficiency of the landscaper is therefore improved, as more jobs can be completed per week.

For instance, when applying Ronseal Trade’s Decking Protector, landscapers should wait a maximum of two hours between coats – and because only two coats are required, the job can be easily finished in one day. Ronseal Trade’s Fencing Stain is also showerproof in just one to two hours. As it only requires one application, time on site is kept to a minimum.

Water-based products can also handle increases in temperature better than solventbased alternatives. This is because water-based products flex with the wood as it expands, which prevents the woodcare from cracking and peeling. As a result, the need to re-apply the woodcare over time is reduced – leaving the end client with a quality finish that will last.

To guarantee that top results can be achieved and ensure that any performance claims made by manufacturers are accurate, landscaping professionals should always opt for products that have been independently verified. For example, the Ronseal Trade range of water-based woodcare products have been certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), which provides assurance that its products can deliver on the benefits and highquality results.

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