Quite often training is the last thing on the list of priorities for a business. We live in a world of only doing things when necessity demands it and the world of training is often no different.

Not only is there a legal requirement and obligation to ensure all workers are competent, safe and trained, but a skilled workforce has major advantages to your business to unlock opportunity for business growth, increased productivity and profit.

So, when you are looking to cut back your budget – don’t cut the training budget as it is false economy in the long run. Investing time and money in the future of your staff will benefit your business with improved levels of customer service; motivated workforce; reduced absenteeism; improved risk management; reduced recruitment costs as well as improving your bottom line with increased productivity and efficiency. It will also open up new business opportunities and give you more options for business development.

A skilled workforce will improve morale as workers become more confident in their role and more  productive – giving greater job satisfaction and in turn greater output for the business. As productivity increases it often leads to improvements in processes.

A skilled workforce reduces the risk of accidents and training will ensure that staff are equipped to work in a safe and considerate manner and allows a greater level of independence for workers.

FaCT has several programmes to help upgrade the skills of your workforce and help them gain the skilled workers blue FISS CSCS card. Funding is available in England for the fencing apprenticeship for 16-18 year olds to help get young blood into the industry. There is also an additional funded route for over 19’s in England to gain the blue card as well as a suite of training certificates including CAT, abrasive wheels, first aid, H&S, power tools and manual handling.

Tim Drew, FaCT’s MD said “Despite the unease being caused by Brexit we have been busy recruiting to both the apprenticeship and over 19’s programme. Increasingly we live in a competitive world and we can’t stress the importance of having a skilled trade and the right training and qualifications to support it.”

For more information on getting your skilled workers card or update your training please contact FaCT on 0121 476 4731