ArcelorMittal Sheffield’s 2Life® and Dragon Estate®WIRE products are the longest lasting agricultural fencing products available on the market in terms of corrosion resistance.

2Life® is a mixture of zinc and aluminium which will resist corrosion for at least twice as long as zinc only galvanised products.

Dragon is galvanised with a mixture of zinc, aluminium and magnesium and coated with a green polymer which will resist corrosion for at least five times as long as zinc only galvanised products.

ArcelorMittal are so confident in the longevity of their products that they have recently introduced product guarantees to back up these statements.

2Life® products are now available with a 20 year guarantee, whilst Dragon products boast an even more impressive 30 year guarantee. This is available on the whole product range from fencing, to barbed wire, to coil wire, to staples.

“There are lots of product guarantees available in the market place” started Tony Hinchliffe, CEO of ArcelorMittal Sheffield, “but we believe ours is the most comprehensive in terms of what we are guaranteeing and who we are guaranteeing it to”.

He went on to explain, “our product guarantee is applicable to both businesses and consumers and is even transferable by a consumer on the sale of land ensuring our full commitment for the entire guaranteed lifespan of the product”.

Head of Sales, Shaun Gervis, added “our retailers are fully aware and understand the benefits of our Estate®WIRE 2Life and Dragon ranges, but it’s nice to give them something they can offer to their customers and the ultimate consumer as reassurance that our products perform as we are stating they do”.

The wire used by ArcelorMittal is produced in house at their wire drawing and galvanising mill in Luxembourg. This guarantee has been developed with the full involvement of their Research and Development department, based on rigorous product testing including extensive salt spray tests.

Sheffield is synonymous with steel and is equally synonymous with agricultural fencing. Being the only Sheffield manufacturer operational now for agricultural fencing, ArcelorMittal carry the Made in Sheffield badge with great pride. “We are working hard to keepoffering our customers that bit extra to ensure we have a strong future ahead of us” concluded Tony, “these new product guarantees provide our customers with a level of confidence and trust not just in our products, but in us as a manufacturer too”.