When building a fencing system, structural durability and aesthetics are often at the forefront of product selection.

However, it is important to also consider the level of security a fencing structure provides for a garden or exterior space. Here, John Abernethie, CEO at Birkdale offers anoverview of a reliable lock solution – the GATEMATE® long throw lock.

In the 2019 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), it highlighted that overall, theft offences have increased by 11% since March 2017. This is an increase that was driven by a 23% increase in thefts ‘from outside a dwelling’ throughout 2018.

As such, when selecting a gate locking system, it is important to choose a product which is convenient to use and yet provides a high level of security. Long throw locking systems are a reliable option with a straightforward and easy installation. With a long throw lock, after drilling a hole for the barrel through the gate, the back plate and bolt keep are secured using screws to the gate and gatepost, or alternatively a pair of gates.

In comparison with other products like rim locks, long throw locks offer a much higher level of security. This is due to the bolt itself being of a far greater length to combat any gap that may be present between the gate and gatepost or alternatively any movement in the gate that may cause a smaller rim lock bolt to slip and unlock. The size of the long throw lock bolt also makes it far less susceptible to being opened by force unlike other options. Birkdale’s own unique patented GATEMATE® Euro Profile Long Throw Locks are straightforward to install and come pre-packed with all of the necessary fixings and relevant driver bits to further simplify the fitting process. In addition to the increased bolt length, the GATEMATE® Euro Profile Long Throw Lock features a unique design that includes a hardened bolt core, to prevent against cutting, as well as a high- security six pin lock barrel.

Aesthetically, the GATEMATE® Euro Profile Long Throw Lock is available in a wide range of finishes to match additional gate hardware and with varying levels of corrosion resistance. With single or double- sided locking options available, the lock is convenient to use and provides increased accessibility from both sides of the door or gate in comparison with a simple padlock.

For added protection, the GATEMATE® range includes a High Security Escutcheon for use with its Euro Profile Long Throw Lock which is designed with anti-cut, anti-tamper and anti-drill capabilities.

For further information on Birkdale’s GATEMATE® range of locks and accessories, please visit www.birkdalesales.com or call 0345 646 0590.