It’s almost a year since Freedom Livestock, basedat Belton near Doncaster, took the plunge and purchased the Profencer wire netting dispensing and tensioning system.

Ben Jackson, who set up the contracting business in 2013, explained: “We were aware of Profencer for some time and had seen it in use by a local competitor. After winning a substantial deer fencing contract we tried to hire out their machine but were sadly let down.

“As a result, we went direct to Profencer and spoke to Allan about leasing a machine for a short period. We were so impressed that we opted to buy it outright,” added Ben whose work takes him all over Yorkshire and Lincolnshire installing agricultural and stock fencing amongst other things.

Ben went on: “We purchased the Junior model. We already had a telehandler that gave us the flexibility and functionality that offered similar benefits to the Professional Profencer.

“It’s simplified our workload significantly and means we can save around an hour per 100 metres. That all adds up over time and means we can employ our staff A MARVELLOUS MACHINE FOR FREEDOM LIVESTOCK more productively and effectively elsewhere.

“Another major reason why we went for it was the level of customer service offered by Allan. He’s regularly in touch checking up on how it’s all going and offering advice and tips on how we can improve what we do. That level of engagement is a priceless commodity these days.

“You really can’t go wrong with a Profencer. It’s a marvellous machine!” concluded Ben.

Freedom Livestock 07805913151 www.profencer.co.uk

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