A pioneering, remotely controlled Profencer machine has revolutionised the workload for Bakewell-based fencing contractor Jack Hotchin.

The 28-year-old, who started his business J Hotchin Fencing in September 2019 after several years installing concert fencing at venues that included Glastonbury, couldn’t be more pleased with his Profencer Professional which features a remote control system.

Jack explained: “This is one of the first Profencer Professionals with full hydraulic control in use in the UK and I can’t praise it highly enough. Everything can be controlled from a distance of 300 meters away which simplifies pulling the wire and requires nowalking back to operate the levers to increase the tension. It saves time and money!

“When unrolling wire the remote comes into its own adjusting everything on the move in the cab to suit the ground conditions. There’s no need to get out to change the tilt or pull the side shift in.

“The remote facility is the best investment I’ve made. You will only buy this machine once as they are made to last. It might cost more but it’s well worth it.

“I use it for agricultural fencing contracts, mainly sheep related, across Derbyshire and further afield. It has transformed by day to day activities.

“I’d known of Profencer for many years before I took the plunge and was well aware of the outstanding fabrication skills of Chris Bettney. It is delivering everything I expected and more and allows me to automate my operations. ELP Engineering of Staffordshire provides the electronics and they really have done a first class job.

“It’s all about time and productivity in this job and the Profencer delivers a consistency of finish that makes this type of work all the more satisfying,” explained Jack who hails from farming stock and was mentored in fencing by his father, a dairy farmer, who used to work across the East Midlands for renowned fencing firm Lawthrops.

Jack currently also operates an Evo1 Protech postknocker and New Holland tractor.

“The Profencer is right on the button for me. You can be your own man with this machine with every aspect of a fence delivered to the highest spec possible including the tensioning.

“Add in the brilliant support of Allan and his team and you have a machine that will be with me for many decades to come,” concluded Jack.

J Hotchin Fencing 07803062446 www.profencer.co.uk

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