To meet continued demand for ‘plug-in and go’ electric fencing energisers with high power output, Gallagher Europe has launched the M5000i.

Gallagher is the biggest brand in electric fencing and provides costeffective solutions for cattle, sheepand deer farming and for equine applications

Renowned for producing innovative and high quality energisers, Gallagher has produced this new powerhouse in response to market requirements. The M5000i produces an impressive maximum output voltage of 9000v with a maximum energy output of 15Joules. It offers unrivalled power up to 100km.

“Big powerful energisers had been restricted to a limit of under 15 Joules,” explains Gallagher UK Sales Manager Mark Oliver. “The only way a more powerful energiser could be installed that complied with the latest EN standards was with professional installation following a full risk assessment prior to installation.”

The unique design on the M5000i features high voltage performance into heavy loads andhigh efficiency adaptive controloutput. It will provide adequate power to maintain safe andeffective fencing for up to 100kmdepending on the amount ofvegetation, although it will efficientlyburn away vegetation to maintaineffectiveness.”

The M5000i is the latest in the i series range of energisers which combine high power with a high level of control and replaces the MR5000 at the top of the range. By burning away any vegetation the fence comes into contact with, it guarantees maximum power right to the end of the fence, delivering continuous voltage but will the lowest possible energy consumption. In this ways itcombines efficient fencing witheconomic operation.

Ultimate control is afforded by a free app when adding thewifi gateway which allows remoteoperation of the fence combined with remote testing.

“The app also identifies thelocation of any faults, allowing rapid restoration of the full integrity ofthe fence. It is wifi enabled and
is a multi-user system for greaterflexibility.”

As with all Gallagher energisers, the M5000i comes with a seven year warranty. Gallagher is the
only manufacturer providing such extensive cover.

“With many farmers looking to develop longer total lengths of fencing to support increasedflexibility of grass use, theM5000i is an excellent optioncombines flexibility, outstandingcontrol and unrivalled power to meet all requirements quickly and economically,” Mark Oliver concludes.

The M5000i retails at £1557 (+VAT).

For more information, contact the Gallagher team on 02476 470141