From small beginnings to the present day Batsford Timber has grown to supply all types of customers. From the DIYer to fencing and landscaping contractors, farms, Estates and Industrial Users, Batsford Timber is proud to offer a quality service and value for money
to all.

In fact as part of their commitment to service Batsford Timber has endeavoured to start the new year with more stock than ever before. Robin Clark, Director at Batsford Timber said “2019 was challenging at times for supplies of round timber, especially small round wood. We rely on imported timber from the Baltics to supply the large quantities of 3”-4” needed to satisfy our customers demands. At times though during this last year supplies were delayed through reasons out of our control. To ensure we avoid this problem next year we have invested heavily into having plenty of stock ready for the new year.”

Batsford Timber is one of just a few companies left in the UK who can offer Pressure Creosoted Timber treated at their South West Depot located on the Longleat Estate. Creosote is a proven wood preservative which is still available for use in areas such as highways, agricultural and equestrian fencing where a long service life is critical. “Creosote treatment has been offered from our Longleat site for over 60 years and we have customers tell us about how they have just taken out the fence their grandfather put in and have reused some of the posts” Robin said.

Batsford Timber also offer Tanalith E treatment from both their Midlands and South West Depots and offer a treatment service for customers own timbers.

Robin said “We endeavour to offer a ‘one stop shop’ service for our customers to complete any fencing and landscaping project.

From creosoted and tanalised timber to gates, wire, tools, fixtures and fittings. In fact many customers are surprised at the variety of products we do keep!”

As well as the huge range of products Batsford Timber also offer a delivery service for customers, with ‘self-unload’ ability on the larger vehicles to make deliveries as convenient as possible and saving customers from having to organise off loading at the delivery location.

With the experienced sales staff at Batsford Timber you can be assured that we will always be happy to advise on the many different types of fencing available.

Batsford Timber would like to thank all our customers for their support during 2019 and wish all a successful 2020.

On a sad note Diane Hunt who had worked for the past 21 years as the Midlands Depot Manager sadly passed away in November. She is deeply missed by all who knew her and we send our deepest condolences to her family and friends.