With concrete supplies currently hard to source, many in the gardening and landscaping sectors are being forced to consider new products when working on fencing jobs. Fortunately, modern fencing solutions, such as DuraPost® by FENCEMATE provide an alternative option.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a number of crucial supply chains across the construction sector. Materials such as concrete, which were in abundance last year are now getting hard to come by. In turn, this has had a knock-on effect on the tradespeople who use such products on a daily basis. Traditionally, concrete has been a popular material choice when working on garden fences. Now, those in the trade are looking to alternative solutions, such as DuraPost® by FENCEMATE. The stylish, durable fence post system is manufactured from galvanised steel and provides a number of practical benefits.

As well as being easy to source, DuraPost® has been designed to overcome many of the pitfalls associated with traditional concrete and timber fence posts. In fact, when compared to these materials the innovative solution offers a number of important practical benefits. Unlike timber fence posts, which lack strength, DuraPost® does not rot, split, crack or warp even in extreme weather. It has also been wind-tested in winds of up-to 110mph. When compared to heavy concrete fence posts, the solution offers a far more lightweight alternative, which enables fencing contractors to complete easier, quicker and safer installations. Furthermore, once installed, DuraPost® can be left alone, requiring no additional maintenance throughout its lifecycle.

By shifting to DuraPost®, fencing contractors are able to tackle fence installations while also reducing labour costs and installation time. This is a big advantage for fencing contractors, as it can allow them to take on more jobs and finish the jobs faster than before. DuraPosts are also far lighter and slimmer than concrete alternatives meaning contractors can transport a larger number of posts without overloading their vehicle. For added peace of mind the posts are individually wrapped to prevent any scratches during transport; ensuring materials are in perfect condition and ready to install. Finally, unlike traditional options, DuraPost® is 100% recyclable at the end of its usable life. With a wide range of colours, styles available and matching accessories to choose from, fencing contractors can use this sustainable solution to create truly unique, long-lasting and stylish gardens.

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