The Bühler forestry operation, based in Schenkenzell in Germany, specializes in the harvesting of heavy timber from the most difficult of terrains.

This task requires enormously powerful machines with high hydraulic power. Moreover, these machines must be especially stable and manoeuvrable in the demanding conditions prevailing in the forest.

This is why owner, Edwin Bühler, chose a Doosan DX235LCR-5 model when purchasing a new forestry excavator. The conversion of the excavator purchased from the Doosan dealer, Ummenhofer, was carried out by the engineering office for construction and forestry machines at Wirkstoff Technik in Constance.

Due to the continuous increase in storm and beetle wood damage, the use of powerful forestry excavators has become unavoidable in forestry operations. Narrow space conditions, extreme terrain, especially off the forest roads and steep slopes place high demands on the machines. Therefore, the choice of the carrier unit, which is adapted to the individual customer’s needs by means of appropriate conversion measures, is of great importance. To find the right machine for its needs, Edwin Bühler turned to the specialists at Wirkstoff Technik.

To select the excavator that would meet all the requirements desired by Edwin Bühler, models from different manufacturers were compared with each other on the basis of defined criteria. Decisive factors were the engine, rear swing radius, hydraulic power, price and the dealer.

Thomas Firner, owner of Wirkstoff Technik, said: “The Doosan DX235LCR-5 has a powerful and dependable Doosan six-cylinder engine that meets the high performance requirements of processing-aggregate operations. The compact design of the machine makes it possible to swivel the machine even in tight spaces, such as on forest tracks with steep rocky slopes. The dozer blade increases the stability even more.“

The excavator was purchased from Ummenhofer Baumaschinen GmbH in Pfullendorf. Thomas Firner added: “We know Ummenhofer as a top dealer offering excellent service.”

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