A good garden fence needs to offer privacy, some protection from the elements and it needs to be solid enough to provide a degree of security. However, the architectural impact of a quality fence panel is often overlooked.

The appearance of a garden can be enhanced enormously with a run of quality fencing. As a backdrop it can emphasize a beautiful planting scheme or provide a stylish surround to an area set aside for entertaining. With the right design it can provide a key element to indoor / outdoor living.

Ellpro Timber now offersthe trade our Premium Range of painted panels. Painted in anthracite grey for a contemporary look, not only does the paint finish look great, it has been tested in all seasons to ensure it will protect the panel for years to come. Currently we are offering two designs with matching posts available. Our premium panels can be delivered  with any mix of products from our range, enabling customers to order the ideal amount, just when they need them.

To complement our new panel designs we have introduced additions to our wooden planter range. The traditionally styled white painted box planter, large enough for ornamental trees, and the contemporary Plaza planters in matching anthracite grey. All Ellpro planters current and new, are pressure treated and supplied fitted with a porous fabric liner.

Our next new product is unique, we call it the Living Wall. A solidly built screen, completely versatile in its applications, it can be accessorised for any situation in the garden. It works great as part of an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. With different accessories it can be used in a wildlife garden to encourage birds and insects or with the addition of planters and trellis you can create vertical interest, the options are limitless.

If you would like any further information on the new additions to our product range please give us a call, we would be delighted to hear from you.



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