In locations with varying and sometimes extreme weather conditions, the guaranteed integrity of a fence post system is crucial to specification.

Here, John Abernethie, CEO at Birkdale compares the fence post options available and highlights the benefits of selecting a modern steel fence post over the alternatives.

When extreme weather hits the UK, conditions can take their toll on exterior landscaping. On average, the UK endures between 8 mph and 13 mph wind speeds, dependant on the time of year, while some parts of Scotland, including the Shetland and Orkney islands, average windspeeds of up to 16mph. However, as witnessed in the wake of ex-hurricane Dorian when it reached the UK recently, Britain can face windspeeds of up to 70 mph during extreme weather events.

As such it is crucial that specifiers select fencing products that can be sure to stand up to such conditions without damage or weathering.

DuraPost® by FENCEMATE is an innovative galvanised steel fence post system that provides an aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to install alternative to timber or concrete fence posts.

Made from cold-rolled galvanised steel, DuraPost® provides a far stronger, smarter solution which will not degrade over time or from weather exposure. Unlike alternatives, steel does not rot or warp from age and also does not require regular treatment to protect it from the elements.
In addition, steel is also not susceptible to cracks or frost damage, unlike concrete posts.

The strength of DuraPost® was recently put to the test by Independent research body, Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE), which assessed DuraPost® based on principles outlined within BS 1794. BRE subjected DuraPost® to static loads of more than 600kg to replicate equivalent wind forces of more than 110.55 mph. Results showed that DuraPost® could withstand up to 70 mph without anyrecognisable deflection and 110.5 mph before deformation occurred.

With the knowledge that DuraPost® is strong enough to stand even the most extreme windspeeds to hit the UK, installers and homeowners alike can rest assured that their perimeter fence will stand the test of time and the elements without upkeep or reinforcement.

To learn more about DuraPost® by FENCEMATE or to find
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