That’s the words of Chris Kneeshaw who works with his son Patrick amongst flint and chalk in East Yorkshire.

Chris and Patrick Kneeshaw are proud owners of 2 Bryce machines they bought years ago and still believe they made the right decision.

Chris says ” for performance and reliability in the conditions we work under, I honestly do not think you can better the Bryce brand. We own a 7 year old tractor-mounted Vulcan VR800 and a 4 year old 180 Pro tracked machine, both of which are still performing above our expectations.

Both machines have proved to be extremely reliable , they are still as near tight as the day they came off the lorry and have only required the occasional rope and a good grease up once a week. We did consider putting a wire net tensioner on the 180 Pro tracked machine but after seeing one demonstrated on a similar-sized machine, we quickly forgot about it because it could not tension up a decent run of high tensile net to a professional standard with regards to correct tension without skidding or slewing round. We are more than happy therefore to stick with our similar high quality Profencer wire net tensioner mounted on the Fastrac to give us what we believe to be the best combination of equipment to erect all types of fences to a high professional standard.”

” Depending on the weather we work 5/6 days a week under very hard conditions in the Yorkshire Wolds. On a lot of this ground there is only around 4 -6″ of topsoil and then you are on to what I would call soft flaky chalk or a chalk and flint combination. These ground conditions need the hitting power of the Bryce machines to drive Hole Punchers and 8′ x 8″ x 8″ gate posts. You wouldn’t believe the ground we work on at times but the VR800 just plays itself in these hard conditions. Patrick says ” the 180 Pro is marvellous and I still love it as much today as the first week I used it – we work on some very steep ground and it is nothing short of brilliant. We are the only people in this area that have the equipment to tackle this type of terrain, we are recognised for that and that’s why we have so much work in front of us. Both machines have changed our business completely”.

Chrismadethispoint “Iwould like to point out that if you line up what you might consider to be like- for-like contractor spec. post drivers, what’s the best buy if you pay say 3k less for a machine like a Bryce but after 2 years it’s knackered, bent or has required welding?”

“As far as we are concerned , it is the many outstanding features of the Bryce machines coupled with the performance, reliability and long life which gives them a 5 star rating.”

Kneeshaw Fencing Chris – 07974 070541 Patrick – 07880 871829


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