Home and garden improvement trends for 2020

 Home and garden improvement trends for 2020


Home and garden improvement trends for 2020

In time for a new decade bring some creative yet simple ideas to incorporate into your home and garden landscape to add extra life into areas which may be tired and needing a new lease of life. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to revamp your space, consider some of these tips and trends for 2020.

Supersize plants

Plants around the home have been a growing trend in 2019, from cacti to monstera, our homes have started becoming greener. Continue this trend into your garden with large and characterful greenery to accentuate your space and add texture. Great plants to incorporate into your garden are the fiddle-leaf fig and yucca plants, but there are countless other beautiful plants to add to create a more visual space.

Open spaces

Create a flow from indoor to outdoor by making a social space in your garden with stylish furniture such as weatherproof seating, a hanging egg chair and a fire pit for a cosy focal point and outdoor living room feel, giving a peaceful oasis-like feel to the extension of your home. To open up your home in the warmer weather, aluminium bi folding doors will create the illusion of an open ground floor making your space appear bigger.

Keep it simple

As awareness of the environmental impact of consumerism continues to grow, it’s important to many of us to think before we buy. It can be costly and time consuming to decorate and prune your garden perfectly, so instead, keep it simple for yourself by repurposing old materials and garden furniture to create something new. Experiment with DIY to restore or create a fixture instead of purchasing new items, this will save you money while reducing potential landfill waste.

Some great DIY ideas include:

Creating a planter for flowers or greenery
Use cinder blocks or bricks to create a firepit
Bamboo water feature
Use cans to create flower tins to hang around your garden

Sustainable gardens

With sustainable gardening growing in popularity, natural methods of gardening and pest control are also a growing trend. Composting is one way to garden sustainably, as it has great benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint while providing your plants with the nutrients that they need to be healthy. Use environmentally friendly materials such as wood fibre and green waste compost for more responsible gardening while enhancing the fertility of your garden soil.

New research showing the benefits of soil bacteria Mycobacterium vaccea on the immune system should also be an incentive to take up gardening as a hobby and growing your own fruit and vegetables to reduce plastic waste while saving money in the long term.








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