In the past, fencing contractors have had to choose between either timber or concrete fence post solutions. Unfortunately, neither material represents a truly ideal choice and both come with their own disadvantages. Fortunately, galvanised steel fence posts now offer a modern alternative. In this article, John Abernethie, Managing Director at Birkdale details the performance, installation and aesthetic benefits of these solutions. 


It’s hard to disagree with the claim that an imperfect solution is better than no solution at all. However, when necessitated for many years, it can become very easy to simply do what’s always been done, and overlook the potential of product innovation. A good example is the fencing market, which has been historically dominated by both concrete and timber fence post systems. Despite their long-term appeal, neither material represents a truly ideal choice for those in the fencing contracting trade.


Fortunately, this era of compromise is now over, thanks to the rise of cold-rolled galvanised steel fence post solutions. These modern, engineered products are perfectly suited for fencing use. In fact, through their adoption, it is possible to make dramatic reductions with regard to installation times, the need for on-site labour, as well as mitigating the likelihood of call-backs.

Unlike concrete fence post systems, which are incredibly heavy, Birkdale’s unique DuraPost® solution provides a lightweight, easy-to-install fencing system. When compared with concrete alternatives, DuraPost® is up to 80 per cent lighter and has a lower volume. This is a huge benefit. For one, the lighter solution is far easier to transport, which can help when needing to move quickly from job to job and can even contribute to a reduction in fuel costs for vans.


What’s more, the solution is also far easier to install and can often be fitted alone, without the need for a second trade professional on-site. Likewise, installers can carry more DuraPost® fence posts at one time, in comparison with concrete, whilst still upholding the relevant health and safety requirements. Finally, the lightweight nature of DuraPost® helps to lessen the pressures exerted on installers’ bodies, reducing the risk of work-related injuries and ultimately helping to prolong careers when compared to concrete alternatives.


Despite this reduction in weight, the DuraPost® solution still provides long-term performance that installers can rely on. Unlike timber fence posts, galvanised steel systems do not rot or warp over time. As a result, the solutions require minimal to no maintenance over their lifecycles once installed. Furthermore, it is during the manufacturing process, that the pre-galvanised sheet material is cut and cold rolled through specially made dies to create a unique H-section profile. This profile design makes it ideal for really durable fence posts. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see that systems like DuraPost® have been wind-tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph.

Better still, by making the switch to a modern system such as DuraPost®, fencing contractors are choosing to embrace a more environmentally friendly solution. At the moment, with the construction sector contributing almost 40 per cent of the nation’s total carbon footprint, it’s imperative for the trade to find new ways to embrace greener solutions. DuraPost® is 100% recyclable at the end of its usable life and as such can be considered a genuinely sustainable solution.


By shifting to DuraPost®, fencing contractors are able to tackle fence installations while also reducing labour costs and installation time. Finally, cold-rolled galvanised steel solutions, such as Birkdale’s unique DuraPost® solution are available in a wide-range of design choices and finishes. To find your local stockist, please visit or call 0345 646 0591.

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