Making the Best of British

 Making the Best of British

While we believe a lot of timber in the fencing & landscaping sector is British-grown, can we prove it? And would it give your business a market advantage if you could? Grown in Britain is the British-grown timber promotion campaign whose provenance assurance system is being used in marketing by some of the big players in fencing & landscaping.

Sussex sawmillers W L Wests & Sons, have been involved with Grown in Britain from the start. Joint managing director Dave West comments: “The bulk of our fencing products and treated softwoods are British-grown. We’re not interested in badging timber as British for badging’s sake. Having British-grown timber available as a buying option reflects our values and heritage as long-established English sawmillers. We need more of our supply chain to join us in gaining a Grown in Britain licence. The more products we can offer with independent assurance of British provenance, the more we can grow the market.”

Dale Warren, Purchasing Manager at Charltons, agrees with both the reputational benefits and market potential of British-grown credentials: “We strongly associate our brand with high quality, British-grown and made fencing. Obtaining a Grown in Britain licence for our British-sourced material gives us a marketing advantage when promoting our products.” He continues: “We differentiate our business from larger sawmills by using a mix of British timbers. Our preference is still for Redwoods, therefore we use a high proportion of Pine, Larch and Douglas Fir in our products.”

Bond Timber have recently become Grown in Britain licence-holders and are offering products such as agricultural purlins, sawn posts and sawn timbers carrying the Grown in Britain label. Marketing Co-ordinator Jessica Oatey relates: “We focus on providing high quality sustainable timber in our business. For us, Grown in Britain licensing fulfils both of these key aspects of our customers’ needs. We acknowledge that British timber supports British jobs throughout the supply chain so we’re pleased to begin labelling some of our fencing products as Grown in Britain. It gives customers a positive choice when buying.”

Grown in Britain licensing covers the whole supply chain. Forest owners, wood-fuel producers, timber merchants and manufacturers can all gain the right to use the Grown in Britain logo for marketing. To find out more, visit or download the Grown in Britain chain of custody leaflet by typing this short-form link into your browser: