The new Brushless Lawn Mower DLM460 is a 36Volt cordless push mower that uses two highly efficient 18 Volt Makita Lithium-Ion batteries, has a collection box of up to 60 litres and a two-tooth blade for both cutting and mulching functionality and has a steel deck for tougher working environments.

Available with soft start and a soft grip handle, this DLM460 is available with 2-batteries and charger, or as a cost effective body only if users already have batteries. Not only easy to use and manoeuvre, but also available with constant speed control – starting at 2,500 revolutions per minute, the mower blade will speed up on thicker grass then slow down again once it hits thinner growth – allowing for excellent energy efficiency.

The DLM460’s Quiet Mode also means work can be done earlier, causing less disturbance to the surrounding environment, such as residential homes, hospitals, or working offices. There is a single lever for cutting height adjustment and a built-in ball bearing on axles for added durability; and it comes with a removable child lock key as standard. The new 18 Volt Brushless Hedge Trimmer range includes the latest in Makita’s cordless hedge trimmer offering, and is available in three new models – DUH502, DUH602 and DUH751. Aimed at the professional contractor, these models have a robust build quality and high output Brushless motors, so don’t be concerned about the range only being 18V as the engineering of these tools ensures they can outperform many higher voltage equivalents. All are available with double sided blades, variable and constant speed control, and an electric brake. Aiding use further, the models all also have a reverse mode, meaning if the branches are caught in between the blades, it is simple to release.

In addition, the DUH602 and DUH751 models are available with a new optimum blade that features triple-edged cutting teeth which are designed to easily catch and firmly hold branches. These angled blades mean there is less drag and friction, so it is far less likely twigs will get caught in the machine – suppressing energy loss and increasing run times.

Ensuring ultimate comfort during use, all three models not only have the soft start and soft grip features, but there are five different handle positions for additional comfort.

Kevin Brannigan at Makita said: “We strive to ensure we meet the changing needs of the market; and with legislation surrounding emissions from petrol machinery, our cordless machines are an environmentally friendly alternative, which still offer the power and durability our customers expect. From a health and safety perspective they are also quieter, lower vibration, and trip hazards are greatly reduced.

“In addition, both these machines incorporate innovative brushless motor technology. This technology means motor components are no longer in contact with one another, which greatly reduces friction and wear between parts – meaning the motor lasts much longer and eliminates the need for replacement motor brushes.”

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