With its genesis in the mountains and plains around the Rocky Mountains, Montana’s range of post drivers is hoping to make an impact in the UK.

A spokesperson for Montana commented: “We know that driving fence posts can be a wearisome task but it does not have to be, even in challenging terrain and soil conditions.

“In 2007 we started building fences. We saw the need for a better, more efficient post driver. After much trial and error, we came up with a breaker-style post driver that performed well. The first one we built was a 500 ft-lb. model that was suitable in softer soil conditions but we soon realized it was not enough. In the following years we continued to improve.

“Today we offer a variety of sizes with the largest being a 1,500 ft-lb. hydraulic post driver that functions well in difficult soil conditions.

“In 2012 we sold our fencing business and started Montana Post Driver to meet the demand for manufacturing post drivers with five different machines currently available, all with a one year warranty.

“The T-Rex is our light post driver. It is ideal for oil field pipes, t-posts, tent stakes and more. The T-Rex is available as a fork attachment as well.

“The 400E is a light-weight machine designed for use by smaller skid steers or excavators. It works well on mini skids. It will drive a pipe or a 4” post into almost any soil condition.

“Our most popular post driver, the 750R Rancher, enables farmers and ranchers to efficiently build their own fences using any medium-sized skid steer. It will drive a pipe or a 6” post into almost any soil condition.

“Montana’s mid-sized hydraulic post driver is the 1000E model. It can produce a pressure of 1000 ft-lb. with 400-800 blows per minute. It weighs 2000 lbs and requires a skid steer lifting-capacity of 2500 pounds or more. The skid steer mount includes a convenient rack for transporting posts. To drill pilot holes in hard or stony ground, add the optional auger attachment.

“The 1500E, our heavy-weight post driver, is perfect for larger posts or rockier ground, boasting a 1500 ft-lb. energy. It weighs 2,300 lbs and requiring a 3,000-pound lifting-capacity skid steer.

“Our quality design gives you an unparalleled ability to control the post while driving it. With only two moving parts, our post drivers require minimal maintenance,” they added.

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