Auger Torque, a leading manufacturer and global provider of earthmoving attachments, has recently announced the addition of the VM1000 & VM1500 Variable Mulchers to their product portfolio.

The variable mulcher range provides the user with the versatility of being mounted on both a skid steer loader and excavator, whilst also providing a drum drop change feature whilst onsite.

The drum drop option gives the user the choice of changing swiftly between fixed tungsten tooth and swinging hammer drum, bringing with it the capability of undertaking numerous applications on site with the one piece of equipment.

Auger Torque, known for its high-quality blue attachments, have called upon their years of experience and technical expertise in the attachment market, to bring the same reliability, performance, fast delivery and industry leading warranty, into this highly competitive market segment. Suitable for mounting on both excavators and skid steer loaders, the Variable Mulcher provides a working width of up to 1.5m.

Both the VM1000 & VM1500 have the unique feature of being able to change the drum on-site, adapting quickly between parent machines for maximum versatility & flexibility on the job, without costly downtime.

The ability to attach a skid steer frame and excavator hitch at the same time, along with a removable pressure gauge & push bar allows for easy adaptation between parent machines when out on site. The fixed tungsten teeth drum gives a robust blunt cutting edge for grinding through thick timber up to 250mm diameter, hedges and branches.

The swinging hammer teeth drum gives a cleaner, more precise cut for dense bushes, smaller trees & even slashing grass. The VM Mulchers are made from high-grade steel and are overengineered tobe able to cope with the toughest conditions in the mulching & forestry industries.

External grease points, removeable side panels and skid plates allow for easy maintenance and a triple belt drive system will provide even the most demanding operator with the reliability they need to get the job done. Unique to Auger Torque’s VM Mulcher series and an industry first, is the ability to drop and change the drum out on site allowing for quick change over when there are various types of vegetation to clear, or simply if the operator is not sure what they will be met with out on site.

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