Postsaver +PLUS Introduces 40-Year Post Replacement Guarantee for Agricultural Fencing in Ireland

 Postsaver +PLUS Introduces 40-Year Post Replacement Guarantee for Agricultural Fencing in Ireland

Ireland – 6th March 2024 – In light of the recent ban on creosote, a vital component in traditional agricultural fencing, Postsaver +PLUS emerges as a commercially viable solution for long-life agricultural fencing in Ireland. Offering a revolutionary 40-year post replacement guarantee, Postsaver +PLUS ensures durability and longevity, meeting the needs of landowners and farmers across the country.

With sustainability and longevity at the forefront, Postsaver +PLUS is collaborating with William Kirkwood & Sons, a trusted supplier of protected agricultural fencing throughout Ireland, to offer UC4 treated posts pre-fitted with a Postsaver +PLUS sleeve. This partnership aims to provide farmers and landowners with a readily available, reliable and cost-effective solution to safeguard their properties and livestock for decades to come.

Independent testing commissioned by UK power utilities shows that Postsaver +PLUS outperformed all wood preservatives including creosote after 40 years equivalent test with no loss of strength, this combined with over 25 years volume use and it is easy to see why Postsaver products are going from strength to strength.

The key to the longevity of Postsaver +PLUS lies in its innovative design and materials. By combining an advanced dual-layer rot shield technology with a barrier sleeve, Postsaver +PLUS ensures superior protection against rot, decay, and other environmental factors and protects the critical ground line section. This durability is particularly crucial in the agricultural sector, where fences are subjected to harsh weather conditions and constant wear and tear.

Postsaver is also working with leading wood processing companies to protect posts at the source utilising the company’s innovative Pro-Mill Machine which can fit up to 400 Postsaver +PLUS sleeves to posts per hour. By implementing preventative measures during the wood processing stage, Postsaver +PLUS guarantees the integrity of every post, further enhancing its longevity and performance.

Commenting on the collaboration, Richard George, CEO for Postsaver stated, “We are delighted that William Kirkwood & Sons is now stocking and distributing our innovative fencing solution to farmers, agricultural merchants, and landowners across Ireland. With the recent ban on creosote, it’s more important than ever to provide a sustainable and long-lasting alternative. Postsaver +PLUS not only meets these requirements but exceeds them with a guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.”

William Kirkwood & Sons also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasising the benefits of Postsaver +PLUS for the agricultural community, “As a long-established supplier of agricultural fencing, we understand the importance of durability and longevity. Postsaver +PLUS offers a solution that aligns with our commitment to quality and sustainability, and we are excited to offer it to our customers.”

With Postsaver +PLUS, farmers and landowners can rest assured knowing that their fencing investment is protected for the long term.

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