It’s almost a year since multi-tasking Derbyshire-based contractor Richard Spendlove invested in a Profencer and he has no regrets!

Richard, a former civil engineer who started his business ‘RJ Spendlove Agricultural & Fencing Contractor’ ten years ago, carries out a wide range of fencing, landscaping and groundworks right across the Midlands focusing primarily on the scenic Peak District. He works alone in the main but regularly recruits temporary workers to help with his workload.

Richard commented: “I bought the Profencer at the start of 2019 after looking carefully at all the options available. The Profencer offered the strength and versatility I needed to cover many of the contracts I carry out and I was impressed with the support and customer service provided by Allan.

“I want to save my back! The way the Profencer saves me both time and money is very impressive but it’s also vital to consider your own health and wellbeing. It also helps me maintain a professional image for the business and always proves a talking point with customers.

“Given the varied nature of the work that I carry out I always knew it would be a while before I got a return on investment and decided to start hiring it out to other contractors in the area.

“If I’m not using it then it makes sense for it to be making me some money rather than being sat idle in my yard near Belper,” added Richard who also owns a tractor mounted Protech P400S postknocker as well as a tracked Protech machine.

“I’d be only too willing to recommend the Profencer to any contractors looking to up their game. The safety features alone give me peace of mind and ensure that every job is carried out to the highest spec,” he concluded. / 07738379616


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