There’s a lot to be said for saying it with wood!

Toby Allen and partner Aly May established their business ‘Say it with Wood’ in deepest Herefordshire almost twelve years ago and since then they’ve been focused on providing rustic fencing solutions using predominantly chestnut for customers right across England and Wales.

Aly explained: “We met in 2004 when I was based in Wales and Toby was in Kent. In 2008 we moved to Herefordshire and looked to set up a business. “We both harboured a love for coppicing and traditional crafts alongside a passion for our British woodland. We realised we wanted to combine our talents to create something sustainable and beautiful. Say It With Wood was born!

“We hired a yard in Stoke Lacey and in those early days we used any wood available to us, mainly oak and ash. We focused on restoring under managed coppices for firewood and crafting various garden products.

“However we both recognised the durability of chestnut. It’s the perfect fencing material. When we finally found a decent Chestnut supply we knew we had the quality of wood that allowed us to offer fencing supply and installation,” added Aly.

The company soon established links with The Forestry Commission and The National Trust which led to more work on public woodlands rather than those that were privately owned.

“Say it With Wood had come of age,” continued Aly “and I was lucky enough to receive a Women in Work grant from Lantra to help our business move forward. Working with a national company meant lots of networking for us and even more recognition for the company.

“Say it With Wood has gone from strength to strength and the popularity and durability of our fencing product has kept the orders coming in.

“In 2010 we moved to a yard in Bromyard but we soon needed even more work space and more help. In 2014 we opened a new yard at Much Cowarne and just recently moved to an even larger facility in Ledbury,” added Aly.

With a clutch of national and regional awards and the securing of contracts with the Environment Agency, Hereford Nature Trust and Gloucester Wildlife, it was clear that ‘Say it with Wood’ really had arrived.

Aly said “In May 2013 Toby was invited to be a Director of the National Coppice Federation which aims to bring together coppice groups around the country and provide a unified voice for the industry.

“These days, no matter how big we get we still have a keen focus on local industry, top quality sustainable products and a friendly approach to customer service that is often missing from national companies. There is nothing we love more than a good natter about natural materials and garden projects!” she added.

Say it with Wood’s cheerily bright and informative website profiles all of their products and services including stakes, posts, poles, rustic picket fencing, cleft post and rail, chestnut paling, gates, hurdles and much more besides.

“We love what we do. It’s a true passion for all of us here at Say it with Wood and we hope we’ll be saying that for a long time to come!” concluded Aly.

The Grain Store, Canon Frome, Ledbury, HR8 2T
07958 345 833 /


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