As we head into landscaping season, you’ll be busy selecting the best materials for your outdoor project. And that includes fixings that can withstand whatever the great British weather throws at you.

“Choosing the right fixings for specific types of decking, fencing or outdoor structures including decking subframes and pergolas is critical. Our range of landscaping fixings have you covered for all types of applications,” explains a company spokesman.

“We always recommend the use of our 316 marine-grade stainless steel fixings, especially in coastal areas or if you are using oak or hardwood. Due to their increased corrosion resistance, they are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the project.

“Many hardwoods contain tannins, therefore the tannic acid can react with the metal in standard fixings and cause corrosion and create black stains around the head of the screw. Using stainless steel screws prevents this from happening.” they added.

The Pro Deck screw, in lengths of 40mm 50mm 63mm and 75mm and 90mm, features a pressure-treated timber finish to ensure the appearance of your decking isn’t affected.

Connor Mcintyre from Mcintyre Landscapes provides the benefits of his experience on site: “For me, the Carpenters Mate range of fixings are the true stars of the landscaping season. I switched over to the Pro Deck Screw because I can put my trust in this screw on every project. The square head doesn’t cam out, plus you get a free drive tool in every pack, previously I was forever searching my van for a spare drive tool. The stainless range is also a great alternative for me, the majority of my projects are in coastal areas and I now work with hardwood (oak) more and more.”

When it comes to structural applications, the Pro Hex Head is the building regulations approved alternative to the M10 coach bolt, or M12 coach bolt if using the Heavy Duty Hex Head. The Pro Flat Head, provides the ultimate flush finish for use on warm deck roof applications as well as joining sleepers, decking sub-frames and other outdoor structures.

“When it comes to structures, I don’t consider using anything else other than the Pro Hex Head or Pro Flat Head, my reputation is always on the line therefore, I never compromise on quality,” adds Connor.

All Carpenters Mate selfdrilling fixings come with a lifetime guarantee, are corrosion resistant and self-countersinking. Custom head painting in any RAL colour is also available on the stainless steel No.7 Finishing Screw.

Ben Walton